Name: The Deakin Family

Location: Tampa, FL

Comment: We knew we wanted a wheaten for some time and we were hoping to bring a puppy home in the beginning of the year. Since we were nervous about buying a puppy online we tried unsuccessfully to locate a local breeder. I then found Jennifer’s Facebook page, Sugardale Wheatens. I could tell she has a genuine love for all dogs, especially the Wheatens. I talked to her several times on the phone and via email before committing to a puppy. She has always answered every question immediately and was able to satisfy any concerns I had. She continuously kept us informed about the puppy and the planned arrival date. She was also very helpful with information to prepare us for the arrival. She not only sent me pictures of our puppy but was also able to send me pictures of the puppy’s mom and dad. I felt confident that we were doing the right thing. Our “Murphy” arrived safely by plane and has instantly become part of our family. He is wonderful! We took him for a checkup at the vet and he is in excellent health. We want to thank Jennifer for her help in adding the newest addition to our family and we would recommend her services to anyone! The Deakin Family
Name: Amelia and Marco

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Comment: Marco and I had been looking for a Boston Terrier for months. Even though New York City is full of pet shops and Boston Terriers are always available since they are one of the most popular breeds at the moment here, we didn't feel comfortable to buy our dog from one of those places. We inquired online to a couple of breeders, but again, didn't feel sure. A decision was made when I finally found Jennifer's facebook page. Since the first moment that I spoke to her I felt that she would have been the person that I would have bought my dog from. I was also very lucky because when I contacted her there was a litter of Boston available in a couple of months. Jennifer and I have been in touch a lot during those months, she was always very eager and enthusiastic to respond to my thousands of questions and always kept me up to date on my little girl's progress with pictures and all the important information. I went to pick up my Peggy at the airport on the 15th of October. She flew in with her brother, Fred, whom was going to join a family in Connecticut. She looked great and that was love at first sight! Our Peggy is now almost 6 months old, healthy, beautiful, playful and .. we are already considering to give her a brother! Thank you Jennifer and The Family Doggie for bringing Peggy to our family! Amelia, Marco and Peggy :)
Name: Michael

Location: Atlanta, GA

Comment: My wife and I had been looking for a female wheaten to keep our male company for a while, but they are very rare in Georgia. We love the wheaten breed. I had been receiving e-mail updates from Jennifer about when she had new liters available and as luck would have it I got an e-mail from her 5 days before Christmas. She was extremely helpful in coordinating getting the puppy to me before Christmas and making sure all of the details were taken care of. Little Abby arrived on time and was, and still is, as healthy as could be. She is a great addition to our family and we absolutely adore her. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a puppy, she is very responsive and works very hard to make sure you're satisfied. Thanks again Jennifer!
Name: The Caulk Family

Location: Cincinnati Ohio

Comment: We had just lost our cocker spaniel who was our "heart". We were all devastated. Having always wanted a Wheaten Terrier, now was the perfect time to get one. I checked in surrounding cities and was not happy with the breeders I found. I was referred to Jennifer from another satisfied customer. After speaking with her once, I knew I would be comfortable purchasing a dog long distance from her. She answered all my questions, returned all my calls promptly and eased all my fears about flying a pet. I was very scared about putting my future pet on a plane. She went over every detail until I was comfortable with it. She was even on vacation when Grover "touched down" and insisted I call her to let her know he was safe and on the ground. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a puppy of any type. I plan to get my next one from her. Karen Caulk (picture of Grover to follow soon)
Name: Chad & Cami

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Comment: We were living in Albany, NY when we decided to start our search for a puppy. I just so happened to run across Jennifer's ad regarding her first litter of Bailey and Chloe's puppy. We called her right away, and went to visit that day. The puppies had just been born and wouldn't be able to go home for a while (which was best for us as we were studying for the bar exam). Jenn was so accommodating to us, we visited the litter every week for much needed study breaks and puppy kisses. Even after we took Plessy home with us, we would take her back over to see her parents and for us to visit with Jenn. We were also able to leave our puppy with her when we were out of town; Plessy absolutely loved going back there to spend time with her mom and maybe create a little mischief. We absolutely love our pup and couldn't be be any happier with the addition to our family.
Name: Lannie & Nick

Location: Titusville, NJ

Comment: We were on a search for an English Toy Spaniel and I googled a search of places where I could find one. I came across Jennifer's ad for two that were available. I was a little apprehensive because I have heard a million horror stories about purchasing puppies on line. I left my number and within an hour Jennifer called me. Jenn had calmed all my fears. Jenn answered all of my questions and if I had more, she always called me back right away. She paired me with our perfect English Toy Spaniel Logan, who has been just a pure joy. Jenn called me everyday and even called me when Logan was delivered to make sure everything was ok. Logan had his first exam with our vet the next day and the vet was even impressed with how healthy and beautiful he was. Logan has been a great addition to our family and I am so happy I met Jenn. I would reccommend Jenn to anyone who is looking for a puppy. Jenn is a true professional and truly cares for the health and well-being of the puppies that she works with. Thanks Jenn for the "bestest" puppy ever! :)
Name: Ruthie and Dee McCraw

Location: South Carolina

Comment: We've been a "Labrador" family for 25 years but were looking for a smaller dog. We saw a Wheaten and decided that was the dog for us. Jennifer was great to work with - she clearly cares about the puppies beyond just the business! Campbell is a great dog! He has a fantastic personality and is so energetic! We highly recommend both Jennifer and Wheaten terriers.
Name: The Victor Family

Location: Philadelphia

Comment: Hi, we have a beautiful Wheaten Terrier. He looks like a living teddy bear! We would have never found him without Jennifers help! He has brought such joy to us! My daughter is allergic to dogs but does fine with Teagan our dog. She hugs him and he kisses her and shes fine. So don't worry if your allergic! Thank you so much Jennifer!
Name: Rick and Jean

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Comment: 9Mar2012 Our little girl arrived on time in Las Vegas in sound shape this morning. What a precious addition to our family. We really miss our English Bulldog Princess Buttercup of Exxon who graced our lives for 9 yrs. She died suddenly 14 days ago on Friday, Feb 24 at 8:28am two days after my birthday. It was karma that we found this little "Angel" ,as she was named on your site, after searching all over the country. In honor of Buttercup's grace and loyalty we have named our new little one, Duchess Gracie of McCarran. We watched Gracie's Frontier flight land at exactly 8:28 am, and it's a Friday. Karma? I think so. In addition, one hour before Gracie touched down in Las Vegas she was officially named the official mascot of the Red Rock Search and Rescue team of which I am a member here in Clark County. Our SAR Commander is even giving Gracie her own radio call sign and team number. She'll be a member of the ground tracking team and wear her own SAR orange vest. It's a ceremonial appointment, she wouldn't actually do any field work. Can't thank both you and the breeder enough for facilitating her adoption and for overseeing her safe long distance journey by airplane. She arrived a little stressed as would be expected, but she was healthy and quickly acclimated to her new surroundings as you can see from her picture. A perfect day in the Mojave.
Name: Rick and Jean

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Comment: Gracie's first encounter with her new housemate, Sir Henry Basil Porterhouse, at the Las Vegas airport. It was love at first sight.
Name: The Olbert Family

Location: Maryland

Comment: Our new puppy Sterling arrived safe and happy, right when we were told he would. All I had to do was go to the airport and sign for him, which worked out great and he got here just in time for my wife's surprise birthday party! He was well socialized even before we got him, and is exactly what we were told he would be. This was the first time I had bought a dog over the internet, and I was a bit nervous that he would not be as advertised, or would be unhealthy, but Jennifer answered all of my questions and helped to put me at ease about the purchase, and I am glad she did because our other dog Rowdy now has a little brother to keep him company. I am very satisfied with the family doggie and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a healthy happy puppy to add to their home!
Name: Ellie and Alex

Location: Menands, NY

Comment: We were fortunate enough to be local so that we could see the litter grow from newborn to eight weeks. Jennifer was very accommodating in letting us visit the beautiful puppies weekly. We chose Hayley (or I should say Hayley chose us, as she fell asleep in Alex's arms) and she has been the best dog ever. I can't imagine ever getting another breed. Hayley is sweet, loving and protective. She is fabulous with the two year old twins next door. We love her so much, life would not be the same without her.
Name: TJ and Kelsi

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Comment: We received our little girl, Ada, from the LAX Airport on March 13, 2012. She was shy and did not want to come out of her cage at first, but once she gave us a good sniffing she snuggled up right into our arms. When we got her home she was tired, but she played for a short bit before taking a looong nap. She accepted our home as her new home and caught onto potty training very quickly; that credit we must say goes to Ada’s the wonderful breeder. Ada’s first vet visit went well, everyone in the vet’s office had to meet come meet her. She is very playful, snuggly, easy-going, and stubborn (as is the typical English bulldog). She has truly brought us joy. We cannot thank Jennifer enough for all her help. She was very professional and took the time to answer all of our questions. Our little Ada was everything we were looking for and more!
Name: The Large Family
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Comment: Our entire family made the 4 1/2 hour drive to Albany to pick out our 8 week old Wheaten puppy from Chloe and Wheatie's January '12 litter. We stayed at CrestHill Suites (recommended!) and finally met Jennifer and the pups. We unanimously agreed on our puppy (all 5 of us!) and, after months of anxious waiting, Finbar the Magnificent was ours! At Finn's first vet visit, our doctor was impressed at the worming/shot regime and gave his health an A+. His first puppy class was also a success and the trainer said that he as incredibly focused for a 9 week old pup and that he would be "completely amenable to training." Thank you Jennifer (and Chloe) for this wonderful new addition to our family. Thank you for answering all of my questions and dealing with any concerns I had throughout the process! The entire experience was a great bonding time for our family and we are so happy to have Finbar home!
Name: Maria
Location: Northampton, MA
Comment: Purchased Lulu from Jennifer and I couldn't have been happier. She's been a wonderful addition to the family and we love her to death. Jennifer was an absolute sweet heart. She answered all my silly questions and always responded with either an email or a quick phone call. Thanks again for all your help through this process. Lulu is doing great and if you can believe it she's already 9months.
Name: The Manning's
Location: Guilderland, NY
Comment: We started our search for a dog in December and were looking for a hypoallergenic dog because my husband is allergic to dogs. We did a lot of research online and came across the Wheaten Terrier. The most important qualities to us were a good family dog and hypoallergenic. My husband found Jennifer's website and found that we live very close to her. I emailed her and she contacted us immediately. Her Chloe's puppy's were already sold but luckily had two other mamma Wheaten's that were ready to deliver in February. When her Chloe gave birth she let us come over so we could see them and we fell in love. We now have our Libby and she is such a joy. What a great family pet. Picking her up at the airport was also very easy! Jennifer answered all of our questions and concerns about getting a dog from a kennel and flying. Libby has settled right in which is a sign she has been handled while with her breeder. We are so excited to watch her grow. I would recommend Jennifer if you are looking for a dog!!!!
Comment: Our family researched all breeds for about a year to see what would be best for us and it always came back to a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. However, we were never comfortable with what we saw at pet stores. After more research for the right breeder, we came across Jennifer’s FB page. While emailing and speaking with her I knew this is where we would find our puppy. Jennifer was very helpful with all our questions and concerns. When her Chloe gave birth to her litter we were very excited to hear in 8 weeks we would have our boy, Brody. He is such a smart, fun loving puppy. I can’t believe how much he is learning already. He went for his vet visit and we were told he is in excellent health. Brody brings so much happiness to our family. Thank you Jennifer, when we hear of anyone looking for a dog, we will send them your way!
Name: The Jacobson’s
Location: Lake Tapps, WA
Comment: We had recently lost one of our Westie’s and it was really hard on us. We had some family friends who had a Wheaton for 14 years and we always thought it was the sweetest dog. We looked for a breeder in Washington state but couldn’t find one. We came upon Jennifer’s website and instantly fell in love with the litter photos she had and luckily there was one left. Jennifer was fabulous to work with from the beginning. As soon as we emailed her of our interest we heard back the next day. In fact, she followed up with a call. We were a little weary about getting a dog without meeting it first but she put us at ease with how the process worked and we were pleased to learn that she got her two Wheaton’s from the same breeder. She sent us photos of her dogs so we could see what the pup would look like when it was an adult. Our Luna arrived just as she described with all the papers. We really appreciated her prompt responses to our questions and really made the process seamless. Thanks so much Jennifer, for helping us bring our new puppy to our family. We highly recommend Jennifer with no hesitation. Thanks again!!! All our best.
Name: Whitney and Jeff
Location: New York, NY
Comment: We recently became one of The Family Doggies newest families. As the owners of a 3 year old male wheaten we decided now was the time to add to the clan. Jennifer was reliable, energetic and a fantastic person to work with as we planned for the new pups arrival. Zelda arrived at Newark International Airport with her brother just as planned. She was absolutely perfect and we’ve enjoyed every second with her. I completely understand the anxiety surrounding the addition of a new fluff ball to the family, with that said, I would recommend The Family Doggie to my dearest family and friends. The entire was process was seamless and reassuring in itself. Thank you for the best the little girl!
Name: The Amodio Family
Location: Frankfort, NY
Comment: Name: The Amodio Family Location: Frankfort, NY Comment: We recently received our new addition to our family. Harley arrived in the Syracuse Airport on April 21st with her sister. She has brought great joy to our family and is the most intelligent puppy we have ever met. Our experience with Jennifer was outstanding, to say the least. I have allergies and was concerned about having a reaction to a puppy. I explained my concerns to Jennifer who, without hesitation, allowed me to come in to her home and spend time with her dogs Chloe and Bailey and Chloe\\’s new puppies. This allowed me to determine that a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is the breed for me. We have had Harley for just over a week now and I have not had any allergy issues. We could not be happier with our new addition and we are totally pleased with our experience with Jennifer.
Name: Susan
Location: Alexandria, VA
Comment: After much searching online and no luck with finding anything locally, I came across Jennifer’s website and Facebook page and was immediately impressed. After contacting her and finding that her kindness and professionalism were as impressive as her website, i knew she was the right person to help me find a Wheaten Terrier for my daughter’s 5th birthday. Little Grady arrived today and we are so pleased. He is adorable, sweet, in good health, and we are so in love with him! Thanks Jennifer for a wonderful and memorable experience that will be cherished for years to come! Susan
Name: Jennifer & Rick
Location: Washington
Comment: We started working with Jennifer last summer and we pulled the trigger on what has been the best decision for our family! We had our wheaten shipped at the end of October 2011 and our Cooper (Mr. Cooper, King Cooper, baby boy) is the joy of our family. We can’t go anywhere without people stopping to pet him, find out what breed he is, etc.) All of our friends and family can’t believe what a great dog he is. We have a long list of people who want to watch him. Wheatens are the best dog breed you can ever bring home. His temperament says alot about the breeders that Jennifer works with. You may not get to visit the breeder or your puppy but you can rest assured that you will get a great dog. I can’t say enought about Jennifer. I think I called her at least ten times asking questions. She was always helpful, friendly and caring. Jennifer has a heart of gold and I would recommend her and her service to anyone. I only wish she didn’t live so far away! I want to give her a big hug and express my gratitude for her help. We haven’t had a family per I over 20 years so we are like new parents. She was ALWAYS there for us! Thank you do much Jennifer!!!! We will get our next dog for You and it will be another Wheaten. Forever thankful!!!!
Name: Tracey and Pete
Location: Georgia
Comment: We bought our Whoodle, Mr. McTavish, from Jennifer online. I was a little nervous buying the puppy without seeing him, but everything Jennifer told us about the puppy was true! He is super friendly and loving! He is also very smart and after only three days he is potty trained and understands simple commands. When our Whoodle arrived we went to the airport to pick him up. The process was very smooth and the puppy did not seem traumatized at all. He had a very easy transition into our home. I couldn’t have hoped for a better puppy! Thank You Jennifer!
Name: Haley & Andrew
Location: New York, NY
Comment: Jennifer is an incredible breeder and made the whole process of getting a wheaten terrier really easy and enjoyable! We are so in love with our female puppy Reggie and she is in the best health and has a a great personality! Jennifer truly cares about her clients and wants to ensure that both the dog and the family are happy! Thank you Jennifer!!!
Name: Linnea
Location: Herndon, VA
Comment: We lost our 9-year-old Wheaten to cancer this last January. We started thinking about getting a new Wheaten in the spring and started looking. Jennifer was very responsive and helpful from the moment we contacted her. She answered every question very patiently and reassured us about the fears we had concerning flying our puppy in. Our puppy, Marley, is adorable and we are all entranced by her. We would highly recommend Jennifer and her services.
Name: Telia
Location: East Tennessee
Comment: We have had several dogs over the years and Winnie is by far the best puppy I have ever trained! She’s smart and loving. Not to mention the cutest thing! Honestly I was just looking around online and Jennifer made everything so easy that buying a puppy online didn’t like a risk. I would highly recommend her services and will most certainly be a return customer in the future.
Name: Beck Family
Location: Tampa, FL
Comment: Jennifer was recommended to us by the Deakin family. Our family had been researching dogs and decided on a Wheaten Terrier. After talking to the Deakin family, we were convinced that Jennifer was the person to use to help us find our puppy. The process was smooth and Jennifer was fabulous. She matched us up with a female puppy and kept us informed until the day our sweet "Zoe" arrived. Zoe arrived healthy and happy. She has blended in with our family seamlessly and our kids are still on cloud 9 three weeks after her arrival. Thank you Jennifer!
Name: Francavilla Family
Location: Suffolk, VA
Comment: On Feb 27th Molly, our Whoodle (Poodle + Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier) arrived. Molly was 12 weeks old when she came to us and we couldn’t have been more excited! After searching for the right breed for our family for over a year, we finally had our new addition! Then came the big surprise - Molly had a few issues transitioning into her new family. Having raised dogs before, I knew the signs of dominance and contacted Jennifer, the breeder, and a personal trainer right away. Jennifer and the bre From the very beginning they let us know they were there to support us and make sure that at the end of the day we had a puppy our family could love. After just one week of personal training Molly was a NEW PUP!! Molly is now 17 weeks old and an amazing part of our family we wouldn’t trade for the world! She is well-mannered, responds extremely well to training, listens, and is house trained! At just 17 weeks Molly knows sit, down, and heal. What is even more amazing is she stays in her command position until she is released. She also understands she must sit if she wants attention from anyone. She has gone into her "spot" (crate) without whining or barking since day 1. She also knows her "place" (her bed) and will lay there until she is told she can get up. Amazing for 17 weeks! She is tender with our 5 year old son. Molly is playful and loving all at the same time. While the first week presented some unexpected challenges, Jennifer and the breeder gave us the support and confidence we needed to move forward. If you are looking for a breed who will be a true part of your family, be playful, loving, anf fun; I would recommend a WHOODLE! Now, I couldn’t imagine our family without our loving, playful, well-trained whoodle! As she sits asleep at my feet now and will be eagerly waiting for my son to get off the bus this afternoon, I can recommended Jennifer with 100% confidence that she will find the right dog for your family! The photo below is Molly @ 15 weeks :)
Name: Bohn Family
Location: Rutland, Vermont
Comment: My husband and I were looking for a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier because we both are have allergies to dogs. We did our research and when we spoke to Jennifer we knew that she was going to be the one to help us. She was very helpful as this was our first dog! She was even available to us after we got Stella home for additional questions. We got Stella when she was 10 weeks old and she just turned 2. She really is a great addition to our little family and we don\'t know what we would do without her. We would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a pup. Thank you, Jennifer :)
Name: Mike & Stella
Location: NYC
Comment: Coco is full of love and energy. Everywhere she goes she makes people smile, which is hard to do in New York City! Our vet took a look at her and said she was healthy as can be and a great example of a Frenchie! He also asked us if we were going to try to get her in commercials! Is our Frenchie a model already!? Coco arrived safely in NY and was a little shy at first, but by the end of the first night she was sleeping on our chests. Amazingly enough, she already can play fetch! It is the most adorable thing seeing a Frenchie puppy carrying a mini-tennis ball in her mouth, let me tell you. She may also be a puppy genius… Throughout the entire process, Jennifer was there to answer my questions via email or on the phone. She kept me up-to-date with everything and I can’t thank her enough. You can tell she truly cares about the dogs, where they come from and making sure they get to you safely. We are more than happy with Coco and we wouldn’t have her without Jennifer and her site. Thanks again, Jennifer!!
Name: Belinda
Location: Seattle
Comment: After 16 years of Wheatens, I lost my second of two this spring. I found Jennifer\'s website when searching for a replacement Wheaten. When I saw the Whoodle, I thought this might be the perfect combination of two great breeds to introduce as a substitute. Although I found the idea of buying a dog online, sight unseen, a little worrisome, Jennifer assured me that the dog would arrive safely, in good health, and would, indeed, be the dog in the picture. Finnegan was shipped just four days after I found him online and he is wonderful. He is predictably good natured, gentle, and eager to please. I can hardly wait to hit the mountain trails here in the Pacific Northwest with what should turn out to be a wonderful hiking companion.
Name: Sarah
Location: NYC
Comment: I found Maxie Star on Jennifer\'s website, referred by breeders.net. I had emailed a few breeders , but she was the first to respond, within minutes(!), and was available to speak to me that night. Considering it was late on a Friday night I was very happy that she was available. After speaking with her for just a few minutes I could tell that she was knowledgeable about breeding and cared a lot for her puppies and the puppies that she helps to place. I was scheduled to pick Maxie up at the airport 2 weeks later and she remained in contact with me the entire time. I was nervous since I had not had a puppy before and she answered all of my questions and concerns right away. Maxie came as scheduled and was in great health and spirits. He has gone to the vet and is doing great. He is very playful and happy, it was obvious to me and everyone that has met him he had been extremely well cared for. Overall he is a great puppy and i am so grateful to Jennifer for helping me find him. Thank you!
Name: Carolyn
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Comment: I was looking for a Welsh Terrier. I was on the internet and I found Jennife\'s phone number and gave her a call she was so responsive. While on a get away with her husband, she made calls to see if she could find me the puppy I wanted. We stated emailing back and forth. Jennifer found a breeder she new who had a litter a few weeks ago. The breeder only had two left and one was spoken for, both males. It was just what I wanted. She jump on it and was in contact with me every step of the way. When I pick him up at the airport, it was love at first sight. My son and I brought him home Rosko (his Name)fit right in. He is a happy, energetic, playful and very smart puppy. We are going to our vet tomorrow to get him on a schudule, for the rest of his shots ect. Jennifer you are the best. Thanks you for all you help. I am so happy you are in our life. P.S I was petco getting more toys and the manager came and ask me where I got Rosko and I sent his email to Jennifer Thanks again
Name: The Stromnes Family
Location: Staten Island, NY
Comment: One year ago we had to put our Boston Terrier to sleep. He was only 6 years old but he developed tumors and he was suffering. My husband and I were heartbroken. We had a 4 month old baby boy and were worried about bringing a new dog around him especially since the dog we just put to sleep was so amazing and child friendly. We received our new puppy a week ago and we absolutely love her! My son who is now 18 months wakes up every morning and the first thing he does is look for \"dog\" lol. We are glad we waited to because she is the perfect addition to our family. Our experience with Jennifer was amazing from start to finish and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a new puppy.
Name: Marilyn Janelle
Location: Connecticut
Comment: We picked up our Wheaten Terrier, Zoey at the airport on July 4, 2012! She is a sweet and full of energy...Our experience with Jennifer was wonderful and both my husband and I are thrilled with our puppy!
Name: Joe
Location: NH
Comment: We met with and interviewed many breeders and were by far most comfortable with Jennifer. Our new pup \"Brennah\" was flown in to Boston. She was clean, healthy, confident and clearly had been socialized. Saw the Vet today and she is perfect!!
Name: Carrie & Zach
Location: NJ
Comment: Jennifer was helpful and knowledgable and made us feel comfortable from the very beginning. Our little Wheaten girl, Sandy, was flown into NYC from Missouri Valentine\'s Day weekend 2010. It was love at first sight. She has personality for days and has never met a stranger. She is the love of our lives and we can\'t thank Jennifer enough for bringing her to us.
Name: Britton & Jessica Sparkman
Location: Los Angeles
Comment: Because of Jennifer, we have the sweetest, most lovable, and fluffiest puppy ever! Zooey arrived on a plane happy, healthy, and, we learned, clearly well cared for and loved. Months earlier, we had agreed to host a brunch for 25 people (including three small children) the weekend she arrived, and were nervous she would be overwhelmed. But from Day 1, she\'s loved every human and animal she\'s met (much to the chagrin of our three cats, who tolerate her enthusiasm to various degrees). The more the merrier she says! So, many thanks to Jennifer for helping us find such a great puppy!
Name: Katie and Ryan
Location: New York, NY
Comment: We searched far and wide for a Boston Terrier! There were a few local breeders. shelters, and pet stores that had them, but they all just didn\'t seem right for one reason or another. We decided to widen our search and look through breeders in other states, and then we came across Jennifer and the Family Doggie! We knew right away when we saw Baxter (then Billy) that he was the one for us. We were a little hesitant on the fact that he would be flown to us, but researched how often and safely it is done. Jennifer was extremely nice and comforting with the whole process. She alleviated any concerns over the phone and via email. Before we knew it we were waiting for Baxter at the airport for him to come out to greet us. He has lit up our lives ever since! He has the best personality, happy and loving. He is hysterical and quirky and always keeps us entertained. He is healthy and growing before our eyes! We love this little man and are so happy we got him! Like so many adorable animals, we made Baxter is very own blog. Check here to see his amazing self. http://baxtertheboston.tumblr.com/
Name: Kyle
Location: Rochester, NY
Comment: It\'s unbelievable how well behaved my new puppy, Mack, is. Very happy-go-lucky and has quickly socialized with other (much larger) dogs. Was able to crate train and teach him to sit/lay down on the first day or two, so he\'s very smart. It\'s obvious that the puppy was very well taken care of and loved by the breeder. Here\'s a picture of Mack playing tug with my sister\'s goldendoodle, sorry it\'s a bit blurry.
Name: Keith
Location: USR, NJ
Comment: Working with Jennifer was excellent. She is an excellent communicator and even with some last minute flight issues...she was always there to help. My \"Ginger\" Soft Coated Wheaten is just as promised. I have true trust and now a Family Doggie! Thanks Jennifer!
Name: Lisa, David and Alex
Location: Rockville, MD
Comment: We have enjoyed our new puppy, Shiloh (from yellow girl!), for two weeks now and are simply thrilled with our new family member. She easily survived her first airplane ride and has settled nicely in Maryland. She has a great temperament, a great combination of calm and playful. Thanks to the breeder for supplying such a wonderful dog. A small yellow blanket from her family pack provided with the kennel was perfect; it gave her a sense of her previous family and helped her adjust to her new pack. We have set aside a portion of our yard for her \"pee pee palace\" and she knows she must visit her palace before she is allowed to play. She already has sit, down, and stay/come nearly mastered...and, boy, does she love her bully sticks. We look forward to many happy and healthy years with our fantastic (and brilliant!) dog. A very special and heartfelt thanks to you, Jennifer, for making the process seamless and for promptly answering every little question! You calmed our nerves every step of the way and truly delivered. Your experience, knowledge, and love of dogs are clear and we encourage anyone who is looking to welcome a quality pet into their home to trust you as breeder and/or facilitator of the process. You rock! PS. Shiloh is a daughter of Shae and Took. She was born on May 14, 2012!
Name: Brenda and Tony
Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ
Comment: It was a pleasure working with Jennifer to help us find our puppy Sandy! She answered all of our many questions about purchasing a dog and having it shipped from out of state. I appreciate all of her help in our search and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Jen for all of your time. Sandy is a joy!
Name: Jeff and Jodi
Location: NJ
Comment: After researching many breeds, we decided a soft-coated wheaten terrier was the one that would fit our family. We came across Jennifer\'s website in our searches for breeders. Jennifer got back to our inquiries immediately and spent a great deal of time on the phone with us. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful female wheaten and decided to make her a part of our family. The whole process was so smooth and a very excited family waited for our new puppy to arrive at the airport. Thank you Jennifer for all the helpful hints about what to bring to the airport with us! We have been enjoying our new puppy, Riley, immensely. She makes us laugh every day with some adorable new act. She is very intelligent, gentle and playful. Riley loves people and other dogs. She is also a very good traveler. She makes us all laugh when she jumps off the two steps of our deck. She actually launches herself off the steps, all that is needed is a cape! She gives us all a hug in the morning when she first sees us. Riley is everything you could ask for in a puppy. Thank you so much for walking us through the whole process. We truly love our new family member!
Name: Stacey
Location: Maple Valley, WA
Comment: We have been searching for a puppy who won\'t shed for about a year and had a friend in Arizona with a Wheaton and we really loved his personality so when we started our puppy search, it began with Wheatens. There were no breeders that I could find in the Seattle area and ran into this website instead. I asked Jennifer a lot of questions and she was quick to respond to all. We decided on one of the puppies and he has been an absolute joy. I was quite worried about the flight and picking him up and him getting to Seattle OK, but he was in a very nice size crate and was happy to see us. Also, he arrived right when she said he would even though I was pretty nervous about it. Our puppy Indiana has a very mellow personality. People don\'t believe he is really a puppy! He loves everyone, the kids, and even our cats. He just completed puppy training class level one and will begin puppy 2 next week!
Name: The Ellingsen Family
Location: Spokane, WA
Comment: I had been looking for a Wheaten Terrier forever. There was nothing available near us and I found Jennifer on the Family Doggie website. I watched for over six months for puppies and reading reviews. Summer time was perfect and so was the little pup that I saw for sale in July. I contacted Jennifer and she explained in detail how everything would work. I was nervous about flying a puppy and not seeing him first. He arrived in a clean kennel - very healthy and happy. He was alert, inquisitive, and loving right when he got out of the kennel. He looked just like a little bear so we named him Yogi and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. Yogi is well socialized and very playful. He prances through the sprinklers and climbs over everything (including our other little dog)! He is amazing and so was dealing with Jennifer. I would highly recommend her and will go back when we are looking to expand!
Name: Margaret and Tommy
Location: Birmingham
Comment: We decided that we wanted a wheaten terrier almost two years ago. Tommy has allergies to dogs, so that\'s why we chose the hypo-allergenic breed (and yes, he\'s had no problems with Tulle!). The mid-sized breed is perfect too. We finally decided the timing was right just as we found out about thefamilydoggie.com and Jennifer. Getting Tulle from the airport went smoothly, and we\'ve been in love ever since! She has the best personality and is so smart. She\'s become our new best friend and shadow around the house. She loves meeting new people, dogs, and water. At just 14 weeks old, she started swimming and retrieving like a pro! She\'s been a joy, and we\'re absolutely obsessed with our Tulle.
Name: Nicki & Chris
Location: Long Island, NY
Comment: We were very excited to get a Wheaten but were unsuccessful in finding any good local breeders. Once I stumbled across The Family Doggie website, I was initially hesitant about getting a puppy without meeting it in person first. However, after speaking with Jennifer, all of our concerns were addressed and we were very relieved and excited to get our wheaten. Her name is Cally and she is named after NY Rangers captain Ryan Callahan. She is healthy, happy and so fun to be around. We have really enjoyed having her as part of our family for the last 5 weeks and cannot wait to see how she grows. I would highly recommend The Family Doggie as Jennifer obviously deals with very reputable breeders. She was responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. We couldn\'t be happier and we love our wheaten Cally!
Name: John & Cathy
Location: Queensbury, N.Y.
Comment: This is our Kayla we purchased from Jennifer! She is an amazing puppy and Jennifer is by far the best breeder that we have come across! She takes pride in raising beautiful, well socialized wheaten terrier puppies! She is an excellent breeder and i would highly recommend her to anyone looking for beautiful wheaten terrier puppy! We are so happy to have found our beautiful Kayla from Jennifer!...
Name: Lorena
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comment: Four months ago we had to put our beloved wheaten, Zoe, of 15 1/2 years down. We rescued her at 8 months. She was a wonderful addition to our family. She is how we grew to love wheatens. I was really thrilled to come across \"The Family Doggie\" website. I had so many questions that Jennifer was able to answer with great enthusiasm and professionalism. I had never purchased a dog \"online\" or for that matter, have him shipped to me! I was very apprehensive of my new puppy taking flight for 6 hours. All of my fears were eased by Jennifer...She knows her pups and it\'s obvious she loves them, too! We love our new addition, Quincy. He is full of life and gives us lots of loving. Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be so much fun with him! Thank you, Jennifer.
Name: Jill
Location: East Longmeadow, MA
Comment: This is Lenny. He is from Chloe\'s most recent litter. Our vet said he is in excellent shape and right on track! Jennifer showed such care and compassion for both Lenny and me throughout the process. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy!
Name: Amber
Location: San Diego, CA
Comment: My husband and I wanted to celebrate our first wedding anniversary by bringing a new wheaten puppy to into our lives but like others, were having a hard time finding a local breeder. I came across Jennifer’s website and facebook page one night and although there were plenty of positive reviews we were wary of picking out a puppy sight unseen and then having him fly halfway across the country to get to us. But working with Jennifer brought little McGuire into our lives and we are so happy! Jennifer and the breeders she works with are so helpful and informative. Prior to receiving him they provided us loads of information regarding our puppy’s experiences during the first weeks of his life so we were well informed on how to help him adapt to our home. We were worried about how he would handle his flight into our local airport but he arrived calm and completely unharmed. McGuire is the perfect puppy – he received a clean bill of health from our vet and has been adjusting to his new home wonderfully. We are so happy we made the decision to work with Jennifer and would recommend her and the breeders she works with to anyone looking for a happy, healthy pup!
Name: Tim &Laura
Location: Pennsylvania
Comment: After loosing our wheaten terrier of 7 yrs unexpectidely.We found Jennifers website and were able to work with her in getting another wheaten.We picked Winston up from the airport on Saturday ,he is fitting in with our family expecially with two kids in the house.Winston will be treated like a king in our house just like our other wheaten was.I would recommend Jennifer to anyone. She did a professional job and was very helpful. Thank You Jennifer I would of uploaded a photo but trying to still figure out new computer.
Name: Sara & Scott
Location: Pennsylvania
Comment: Our little Jameson has definitely changed our lives. We have only had him for a few weeks now and we already can\'t imagine life without him. We are very grateful to Jennifer for keeping us so well informed throughout the process of adopting our little guy. She made this such a positive experience and we can\'t thank her enough.
Name: Barbara
Location: Delmar, NY
Comment: We LOVE Jen! We got our first wheaten, Bear, December 2009. He is the most polite, gentle, loving dog. We were so happy with him that we called Jen to get a \"little sister\" for him this summer 2012. We picked up Bella July 2012. Jen was great working with us both times and smoothing out any problems, answering our questions and just always letting me bug her about things. We had some anxiety choosing and flying in Bella, but everything went smooth as clockwork thanks to Jen. I would highly recommend her!
Name: Amy Beth
Location: Boston, MA
Comment: I always knew that I wanted a Wheaton Terrier. I had searched local breeders but no one had a litter during the time frame I was hoping to get a new puppy. I started to search for other breeders within driving distance and found Jen. She didnt have a puppy, but her breeder did have a litter coming at the time I was looking for. I was nervous about getting a dog without seeing her first and having her flown into Boston. Jen was very understanding and put me at ease throughout the whole process. I got many updates and cute photos as I awaited her arrival. She answered all of my questions regarding temperment of the puppies and personality during the selection process. When Maggie finally arrived with her brother in Boston, She was everything I expected and more. She has been a happy addition to my family for the past year. She is extremely intelligent and is working towards her therapy dog certification. She loves to play and be social and has no aggression issues. She has joined me on many adventures. She loves to hike, swim, and has even gone rivertubing! I get many compliments on what a pretty dog she is taking her for walks in the city. I look forward to getting a second in a year or so and would not hesitate to get a puppy from Jen again.
Name: Jessica
Location: Monreal, Canada
Comment: I picked up Eli at the airport in Montreal in November. The whole process of trusting a breeder I had never met is something I was so weary of. As I got to know Jennifer, I felt more and more at ease and went ahead and selected a puppy from Aurora and Morti\'s litter. Jennifer answered all of my (endless) questions professionally and compassionately and I felt totally comfortable getting my Eli from her. I am so happy with my new little addition.
Name: Veronica Vargas
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Comment: My husband and I decided we are ready to add a new member for our family and a wheaten terrier was perfect for us. After trying to find a breeder close to us and with unsuccessful result, I spoke by phone and email with a couple breeder until I found Jennifer website and her Facebook page, since the first moment I knew she was the right person to help me find a puppy. Max arrived on December 28, next day he went to the vet, they found him in excellent conditions. the experience was excellent , we really enjoyed waiting for Max. he is very playful, easy going and handsome, as Jennifer told us. I am really thankful and definitely when we\'ll be ready to add a sister to Max, Jennifer will be our option again. Thanks for everything.
Name: Lauren Hanley
Location: Loudonville, NY
Comment: When my husband and I decided we wanted to purchase a puppy, our first contact was Jennifer, who came highly recommended by a family member. A couple of weeks later, my sleepy head Izzy was given to me as a surprise birthday gift, and our lives have never been the same! Izzy is just as Jennifer described her - sweet and spicy. She loves to play but will plop down for tummy scratches at the drop of a dime. Jennifer, I can\'t thank you enough for working hard to find our beautiful puppy who has enriched our lives so much.
Name: Scott & Mariah
Location: Baltimore, MD
Comment: Our little Sherman is part of Chloe\'s August 2012 Litter. We picked him up in October and are absolutely in love with him. We already have a Wheaten (Radar), and we were looking for a little brother for him. We found Jennifer online, and after reading the testimonials of others, we knew we found our Breeder. Jennifer was great throughout the entire process. Since we live in Baltimore, we were unable to come up and meet the dogs early to \"reserve\" our guy. I explained to Jennifer that we wanted a puppy with some \"personality\", and she sent us a couple of videos of the litter. Eventually, she helped us pick out Sherman (who has a TON of personality). Jennifer was great throughout the entire process, giving us updates on Chloe\'s pregnancy, and the puppies development after birth. We would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for a loving, well-socialized, healthy puppy!
Name: Nina, Will and John
Location: Bridgeport Ct
Comment: We brought Teddy home in January and he has instantly become part of our family. Jennifer was wonderful throughout the whole process from the first inquiry to the very last minute with travel plans. She is always available for a quick question and is clearly dedicated to her puppies and finding them good homes. we would highly recommend using Jennifer. Teddy is the most wonderful dog.
Name: Alice and Eddie
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Comment: We got Ziggy through one of Jennifer’s network of breeders and the whole process was smooth and easy! We knew we wanted a Wheaten after seeing one in the pet store, but refused to buy from a pet store, so we started searching for breeders. We actually found a local breeder, but that breeder was unresponsive and didn’t seem to want to let us visit their home/kennel, which I thought was a bit odd. So I moved on with my search and luckily we found Jennifer! Even though Jennifer wasn’t local to us, she was always super responsive to emails, phone calls, and texts, answered all of my silly little questions (and didn’t judge me for asking them!) The fact that I was willing to get my puppy from her without meeting our Ziggy first, instead of potentially purchasing from a local breeder and having the chance to meet the puppy first, speaks volumes. You can tell Jennifer cares about all the puppies and all of her clients on a personal level. Her Facebook fan page says it all – she really is wonderful and is a great business person and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Wheaten addition. Ziggy arrived in January 2013 just as she promised- in perfect & healthy condition, and he’s definitely a character! (in this picture he\'s got a grain of rice stuck in his beard after eating chicken & rice lol) He’s energetic, playful, and so so smart. We can’t imagine our life without Ziggy- thanks Jennifer!
Name: Chantal
Location: San Diego, CA
Comment: I will write a review later but for now, here are pictures of our Clancy, son of Isis and Morti.
Name: Mark and Chantal Saipe
Location: San Diego, CA
Comment: I finally have the time to write a review of our acquiring Clancy. First of all, I want to reassure people who are considering working with Jennifer to obtain a Wheaten that she is very helpful and dedicated to matching the right puppy with potential owners. This is the first time we bought a puppy without actually seeing and holding him first. We saw his picture on Jennifer\'s website and Jennifer told us about him, of course, but we were a bit anxious about buying a puppy this way. Clancy arrived at the airport with his sister in one crate. Luckily, the owner of his sister let us have the crate. If you have a similar circumstance, ask Jennifer for the cell phone number of the other owner to determine who will take the crate, and to be able to contact the owner in case he/she is late getting to the airport. For a few minutes, I thought we would be taking both puppies home as the other owner was not there when the crate with the puppies was delivered. Clancy has been a wonderful addition to our family and I am glad we are retired and can attend to his needs; I am also very glad he has our 10-year old Schnauzer to play with as he has a lot of energy. It had been 10 years since we\'ve had a puppy so his antics and his frequent trips to do his business, and chewing the various plants he encounters, keep us moving and entertained! Make sure to take a stool sample when you take him to the vet for his puppy check as he\'s likely to have parasites. Lastly, if you want to have an idea of what your puppy will look like when grown, ask Jennifer for pictures of the previous offsprings of the Dam and Sire from whose litter you\'re wanting your puppy. Thank you Jennifer for your caring about the breed, for your responsiveness and your knowledge of the breeders you represent!
Name: Fedelia & David Spector
Location: Davie, Fl
Comment: Our older son left for college. We know that’s where it all starts. So, I got a hobby. Our younger son was getting ready to leave for college, and our Brittany spaniel turned 14 (she’s not in the best of health). We decided to look for a puppy, and were interested in a wheaten for a long time. We were not satisfied with the breeders that were near us. I was ready to give up. While away on vacation, I was telling a cousin that I was interested in a wheaten puppy. She had no idea what I was talking about, so I opened my iPad to show her images, but when I did, Jennifer\'s site popped up. I hadn\'t seen this one yet. So I went poking around and found a chocolate whoodle, who happened to be named Ella. Growing up I felt just like Cinderella. It was a sign. I instantly fell in love. My cousin thought she was so cute, she urged me to call. I was a bit reluctant because I had never gotten a dog this way before. I emailed Jennifer and she called me back within thirty minutes. She was very helpful and gave me a lot of information and answered all my questions. I was pretty impressed. I told her I\'d talk to my family and get back to her. Later that evening, after driving home, I went to a neighbor\'s house to visit. I showed her a picture of Ella on my iPad. She thought it would be a great birthday present for me from my hubby. I kept saying, \"I don\'t know, I don\'t know...\" When I returned home, we sat down to dinner and my husband said, \"What\'s wrong?\" quite a few times, and I replied in a tearful voice, \"I think I love that dog!\" He said, \"Well you better call and get her before she\'s gone. And by the way, our neighbor texted me right before you walked in the door. I was getting you the dog anyway.\" Well, I did. I called Jennifer immediately. She was amazing. She kept very close contact with me until she knew I was satisfied. I thank her for that, since I was really nervous. Ella came, just when Jennifer said she would. She is the BEST dog I\'ve ever had!! She is so smart, and so loving. Every morning she does this happy-cuddly-I love you-let’s play-thing that is a JOY to wake up to every morning. Jennifer called every few days to make sure Ella was adjusting and we were happy with our new family member. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE my ELLA!! PS, our younger son decided to stay home and go to school locally….hmmmmm....maybe it was Ella’s doing? YEAH!!
Name: The Legall Family
Location: Gainesville, FL
Comment: We lost our beloved Cairn Terrier Cody in August 2012 unexpectedly and didn\'t think the hole in our hearts could be filled. Boy were we wrong. We weren\'t sure we wanted another Cairn so we began looking at other breeds and found the Wheaten Terriers. We\'d never been around one before but knew this was the breed for us. I too didn\'t think I would ever purchase a puppy online and have him sent to me without meeting him first but along came Jennifer while I was doing research. I first spoke with her in January and I had a really hard time with the airplane flying. It took me a while to read other owner experiences and we finally decided to take the plunge. Jennifer explained every detail and assured me that our little angel from heaven would arrive safely. I emailed her every day for the last week asking every question imaginable but she answered them quickly and assured me they were not stupid questions. Yesterday our Harley arrived at the Gainesville airport and instantly became a member of our family. Jennifer called to make sure he arrived safely. Within the first few hours we knew he loved his new home. He was eating, drinking and playing with his new toys and snuggling with us. He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz on our vet visit this morning and had no signs of illness. Happy and healthy. Thank you so much Jennifer for your help and especially patience. Our lives will never be the same. We\'re madly in love with this little wheaten ball of fur.
Name: The Zub Family
Location: Alpine,Ca
Comment: Jennifer was such a Wheaten Fanatic i fell in love with her instantly!!! She was so enthusiastic and said right off the bat \" I want to cover the world in Wheatens!!\" I had already enjoyed my handsome 8 yr old Wheaten named Harlee,so i knew i wanted a Wheaten but was a little uneasy about buying one sight unseen.Jennifer really made me so comfortable and exited about our decision. We met Finlee at birth and was able to really enjoy her even before she was ours. Finlee is a beautiful,smart,independent puppy. So social and playful!!! We are so Happy and thankful to Jennifer for all her knowledge and her passion for Wheatens!!!
Name: The Hooff Family
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comment: Look at these two rascals, Melvin and Spoons! My wife and I agreed that we wanted a Wheaten as our first dog, and my mother decided she needed to get a litter mate. Jennifer was so helpful with our schedules and accommodating. Without Jennifer\'s help, we would have been searching a long time to find this breed. The process was seamless, from start to finish, including the puppies being flown in to us from Missouri. They came in good health and very loved from the breeder. It has been an absolute blast to have these two in our lives! Anyone concerned with purchasing a puppy online can feel safe and secure that Jennifer will do a fantastic job for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Name: The Smith\'s
Location: Colonie, NY
Comment: Ever since we had purchased a home I had been drooling over getting a dog to complete our family. Then by chance we found out that both my husband and son were both quite allergic. I was sad at the thought of never having a puppy so I began researching hypoallergenic breeds. After finally finding a breed that both my husband and I decided looked like a real dog (he\'s not fond of itty bitty breeds and poodles and such) we happened across Jennifer\'s website and the Wheaten breed. Such luck that a litter of puppies were soon to arrive and that she lived 15 minutes from us! After several emails and begging my husband we were welcomed to Jennifer\'s home to visit with her dogs. Jennifer was so accommodating with questions and letting our two kids play with Chloe and Bailey and before we left we were hooked! Jennifer was amazing with information/emails, and photos along the way and when the puppies were born! We were able to visit the puppies a few times before it was our turn to choose and we brought home our AMAZING Sullivan! We could not be happier with him and have continued to be in contact with Jennifer even after we brought him home...we consider her a friend and always hope to keep in touch with visits and her new Wheaten Socials : )Sullivan is such a sweet and loyal companion, very smart, and great with the kids. He is now nearly 9 months old and neither my husband or son has ever had problems with their allergies! Thank you Jennifer from the bottom of each of our hearts...we could not be happier!
Name: The Looney Family
Location: Coos Bay, Oregon
Comment: My husband and I picked up our perfect boy, Rudy, at PDX and were thrilled to see the most healthy, friendly and socialized puppy come out of his crate to greet us. He is the perfect addition to our family. After meeting a Wheaten a few years ago, I knew the breed was just what we needed for my husband\'s allergies. Having always had labs, it was a new adventure and one we are having so much fun with. The whole experience was great. Our pup is so happy and well-adjusted from the moment we saw him. He never leaves our side and likes to sit on our feet. He is a total lover, just what we wanted! It is clear he was handled and socialized a lot. I was hesitant to work with and find a breeder online, however, our hearts were set on a Wheaten and there are no breeders out our way so we had to open up our minds and I am so glad that we did. Jennifer was so wonderful to answer all of our questions in the most timely manner and was so informative. Though, it seemed like forever to wait for our boy, he is finally home and settling in well to life on the Southern Oregon Coast. I would not hesitate to work with Jennifer and her breeders again and am so thankful for our perfect pup!
Name: The Rose Family
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Comment: Our family lost our beloved Wheaten terrier one year ago, and I started following Jennifer\'s Facebook page a few months later. I told myself I couldn\'t get a new dog soon, but in March she posted the most adorable photos. I contacted her and we purchased Limerick. She arrived on Friday, May 10, just in time for Mother\'s Day. She is the most adorable, cuddly and sweet-natured puppy! She has adjusted to life in our home, received a clean bill of health from our vet, and is a total joy. Our whole family has fallen in love with her. Jennifer stayed in contact with us, answering questions along the way. She was a valuable resource, and her love for Wheatens makes her an excellent resource. I would work with Jennifer again anytime, and highly recommend her services.
Name: The Blanes Family
Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Comment: This past May we lost our beloved Wheaten Terrier suddenly and unexpectedly to cancer. Sophie was only 8 years old, too young to pass away in our opinion. Shortly after her passing, my husband, two children and I, realized our home was too quiet and needed another female Wheaten Terrier living in it. My husband began researching online for Wheaten Terrier Breeders. He found The Family Doggie website and contacted Jennifer. She immediately responded to him. Jennifer suggested a particular female Wheaten Terrier named Daisy. Jennifer also put my husband in touch with the breeder. Both Jennifer and the breeder provided a substantial amount of information for us and answered all of our concerns and questions. We left for an 8 day vacation on July 2nd and did not want our puppy shipped until until we returned. While we were on vacation, both Jennifer and the breeder kept in constant touch with us, as well as emailing weekly pictures of our soon to be puppy! There was a heat wave here in NJ as well as the point of origin for Daisy. The breeder continued to give us weather updates. The breeder changed Daisy flight schedule to ensure her delivery as promised. Our beautiful, sweet Daisy arrived at Newark Airport on July 13, 2013. She is the sweetest, lovable puppy! We couldn\'t be happier with her. Daisy is exactly what the doctor ordered to heal our broken hearts! We could never thank Jennifer enough. Her love for Wheatens, dedication and professionalism, make Jennifer an excellent source for placing Wheaten Terriers!
Name: Harrison Family
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Comment: We couldn\'t be happier to add Macy to our family. Stephanie and I have followed Sugardale Wheatens on Facebook for some time before finally taking the plunge. We had a few interesting experiences with local breeders, so we turned to someone we respected, The Family Doggie. Jennifer couldn\'t be any more helpful and professional throughout the process. She was wonderful throughout the entire experience from the first phone call to the last minute travel plans to our first vet visit. Jennifer addressed all of our questions in a timely manner with a great deal of thought behind her responses. The positive experience goes well beyond Jennifer’s enthusiasm for Wheatens. The breeder was beyond helpful and really put our minds at ease about brining a puppy home even when Macy’s flight was delayed (a few times). Both Jennifer and the breeder provided us photos and great information so we could select the right puppy for us. If you’re looking to add a Wheaten to your family, look no further than one of the best around in the Family Doggie. Thank you so much Jennifer! We love our Macy!
Name: Barb & Greg
Location: Westmoreland, NY
Comment: Sadie has just turned two years old. She is such a joy to us. We have always had German Shepherds and still have one but the Wheaten is so special. Our Shepherd is a seven year old male but Sadie is master of the house. Jennifer has been just wonderful to work with and is so caring. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a special new member of the family.
Name: Eric & Kimberly
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Comment: I had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into when we got our Madeline in May of 2013. What a blessing she is...we love her SO much! We have always been a labrador family and lost our Sydney girl in March. I knew we needed a buddy for our other lab Jackson, but was ready to explore other shed-free and smaller options. We couldn\'t be happier with our find. I happened to find Jennifer\'s facebook page and so began our story. Jennifer has been awesome answering questions, emails, sending pictures, etc...I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for this awesome breed!! The attached picture is at 8 weeks and 5 months. (Isn\'t she ADORABLE??) :)
Name: Tom
Location: Niskayuna, NY
Comment: I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Jennifer and her wonderful network of breeders. Our family has always had dogs and usually from the shelter so purchasing a pure breed that had to travel by plane to get to our family was nerve racking to say the least. Jennifer and her team from day 1 where very attentive and always available to answer questions. Most importantly, Mack arrived as promised in perfect health with a wonderful disposition. He is a great dog that is up for anything. I would gladly speak to anyone directly who is considering making the commitment of adding a Wheaten to their family.
Name: Jeff
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comment: We got our Wheaten from Jennifer almost 1 year ago and I highly recommend her and the breeders she works with. The whole process was exactly as promised. Brody is fluffy, cute, sweet dog and is a wonderful addition to our family. He arrived in perfect health. He loves to play and has a LOT of energy...usually the most popular dog at all the dog parks. He\'s very handsome and we love to show him off. We could not imagine having any other dog. My wife is highly allergic to everything, but not to Brody. I never thought we would be able to have a dog because of her allergies but she\'s had no reaction to him at all. If you are looking for a great family dog that loves kids and people in general, I recommend buying a soft coated Wheaten Terrier from Jennifer.
Name: Leslie
Location: Greenville, SC
Comment: We are extremely pleased with the experience of getting our Wheaten, Sullivan, from Jennifer. From the day I decided to get him, I was given weekly updates and pictures. I was given all kinds of information on Wheatens and puppy training tips,which were very helpful. He arrived by airplane, which I was a little nervous about, but the airlines treated him like a first class passenger. He is smart and lovable and he fit in with my other dogs very well. The vet says he\'s absolutely perfect! He has a lot of energy and gives us a lot of laughs every day. I would definitely recommend buying a Wheaten from Jennifer.
Name: Duane
Location: Atlanta
Comment: There are not enough words to tell the world how thrilled we are to have found Jennifer and the Family Doggie! Just 3 weeks ago, our baby Ollie landed at the Atlanta airport! From the time he was born we received weekly photos of his growth and development! We anxiously waited for our weekly updates! We have two other wheatens now. One is 11 and one is 6! Let me tell you our home is filled with 3 precious sweetie wheaties that play non stop! When he arrived with all of his health documents and even a DVD with all of his baby pictures! He jumped out of the beautifully prepared crate and has been in our arms ever since. His initial health examination was perfect! He is a busy little boy and neing coached by his brother and sisters tricks every day! He\'s always giving kisses and his little tail never stops! Thank you Jennifer for bringing our third love of our life to us. We love you for everything. Duane and Doug
Name: DeVore Family
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Comment: We couldn\'t be more thrilled with our sweet Rudy and how well he fits into our family. Even though he\'s only nine weeks old, he already understands the commands \"sit\" \"come\" \"no jump\" \"no chew\" and \"shake\" (he shakes my hand). Oh, and did I mention that he\'s now sleeping six solid hours in his crate at night?! What a smart pup. Jennifer was more than patient with all of my questions prior to Rudy arriving. I\'d send her an email, and literally in less than one minute, I\'d have her reply in my inbox. She was a pleasure to deal with and made the experience of making such a big decision a little easier. Thank you Jennifer.
Name: Amanda
Location: Castro Valley, CA
Comment: I was looking for a Wheaten Terrier. I had one, previously, but sadly I had to put her to rest. I went online and searched for local rescues and breeders in the San Francisco and Northern California area. I was unable to locate a Wheaten and some of the breeders I found made me feel uneasy. One night, I found The Family Doggie online. I reached out to Jennifer because she seemed to have the same love for Wheaties that I do. I told Jennifer my story and that I was looking for a new baby to bring into my life. She connected me to a wonderful and responsible breeder. My new baby girl, named Osa (bear in Spanish) came into my life and has brought me so much love and joy. I could not be more grateful to Jennifer and The Family Doggie. Jennifer was always responsive to any questions I had, immediately. She was a pleasure to work with. I received pictures of my new Wheatie and information about training and the history of Wheatens every week. This process really helped me to gain more insight to Wheatens and puppies. Initially, I thought this would be a much more intense process, but Jennifer made it almost effortless. I could not be happier with my new girl, and I am thankful to everyone involved in bringing her into my life. She is healthy, happy, sweet and just an amazing bundle of unconditional love. Thank you, The Family Doggie.
Name: Sophie & Gerry
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Comment: From start to finish my experience with Jennifer Brantigan of Sugardale Wheatens & TheFamilydoggie.com has been wonderful. She was always available & easy to reach by phone or email; in fact, most emails were answered immediately. When we first contacted her, we had just lost our beloved family pet of 9 years to heart disease and we really wanted a new puppy to fill the void for us and our four young children. We waited roughly 9 weeks until Bruno was old enough to leave his mom Aurora and he arrived in perfect health on December 4th. He is so handsome and such a character, we all love him very much. I would not hesitate to recommend Sugardale Wheatens to anybody, five star service and a beautiful healthy puppy :-).
Name: Ben and Lauren
Location: Ventura, CA
Comment: After searching high and low for a wheaten puppy that comes from a home and not a mill, We found Jennifer who helped us find the perfect Pup!! Willow is actually the sister pup to Sophie and Gerry\'s dog (Bruno). She is a delight. very much a happy healthy puppy, who fit in the family from the get go. She goes with us just about everywhere. Jennifer uses hand selected breeders, who only want the best for their dogs. Can\'t wait to get another one... :-) gotta talk Lauren into it first!!!
Name: Maranda and Ben
Location: Sierra Vista, AZ
Comment: In April, I lost my first Wheaten Terrier and it was devastating. I found Jennifer online but was very hesitant to purchase a puppy over the internet. From the beginning, Jennifer made me feel 100% comfortable with the entire process. We got our awesome little guy Boomer, a little over a week ago and he is everything I had hoped for and more. I wish I could bottle up the way he makes me feel when he comes running up to me with his tail waggin\' like crazy. My entire family loves him and we owe all the credit to Jennifer and her team! Thanks again for making my Christmas wish come true!
Name: Marilynn & Bill - Owner, Beauty Zone Store & Salon
Location: Reno, NV
Comment: We highly Recommend Jennifer Brantigan’s Services! The process was highly professional, well organized and delivered perfection in the form of our healthy, happy - new little girl Honey Bun – soft coated Wheaten Terrier. All my contacts with Jennifer, from initial to follow up, have been responsive to my needs. Jennifer listened and then matched us to the perfect breeder for what we were looking for. The use of PayPal for the deposit and subsequent payment of balance provided a security and confidence. The breeder equally professional displayed careful with attention to detail – by taking the time to interview us and learn our lifestyle. As a result she was able to match our needs up with the perfect personality of our healthy and well balanced Honey Bun. Once we decided to move forward – I was impressed with the high degree of regard for Honey Bun’s welfare. We got caught in the Thanksgiving storm. This delayed Honey Bun’s arrival by a week. The breeder and the airline personnel were wonderful at explaining every step of the shipping process – and the effect on our little girl. From the minute I picked up Honey Bun at the airport there has been nothing but joy, love and adventure in our home – We highly recommend Jennifer for finding and safely delivering your next new four legged family member.
Name: The Cuthbertson Family
Location: Kennesaw, GA
Comment: My wife and I were newlyweds living in south Florida when we first saw a Soft Coated Wheaten. We\'ve wanted one every since. We\'ve been married for 11 years now, and have 3 beautiful girls (who have also been dreaming of the day we\'d finally have a puppy in the family.) So, this past Christmas we were finally able to make that dream come true for our kids, and us! We found Jennifer on-line, read all of the testimonials, and decided to get in touch with her about finding a puppy. She was a HUGE help to us throughout the entire process! And on Dec. 21st my wife and I drove to the airport to pick up our sweet boy, Maxwell! Max is healthy, strong, smart, curious, and full of personality just like we\'d hoped! He has adjusted very well to his new home and we couldn\'t be happier! This has been a great experience for us and we would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to have a Soft Coated Wheaten in their family. Thanks again, Jennifer!
Name: Penelope and family
Location: North Carolina
Comment: \"Mudsie\" is 4 months old and my husband, 2 boys and I are so in love with her! She flew to us 2 days after Thanksgiving and we were so worried that she would be traumatized by the flight (even though it was short and direct) To the contrary, she looked amazing! When the man at the airport brought her to us she was standing in the crate, tail wagging, just waiting to meet us. She has adapted so easily to her new life, which reassured us that her first 8 weeks with the breeder were great. She\'s smart, easy to train, joyful and loves meeting new people and dogs. As our boys say every day, \"Life is so much better with Mudsie in it!\" Thank you, Jennifer, for connecting us to our precious, little, furry bundle of joy!!
Name: Leslie
Location: Greenville, SC
Comment: Sullivan \"Sully\" is now 7 months old. He was born 7/13/13. He is such a hoot! He makes us laugh everyday with his antics! He is so smart, personable and loving! We are so glad that he is part of our family!
Name: melissa and Andy
Location: Massapequa, NY
Comment: Our Riley is one of Jennifer\'s dog Chloe\'s puppies from her 1/12 litter. We had two Wheaten Terriers, Mac who is 11 years and Mollie was we lost at 4 years! Needless to say we were devastated to lose Mollie so young. It took 2 years and a lot of research until I found Jennifer. We are so crazy about our Riley, in fact everyone who meets her is crazy about her! We were thrilled from the day we brought her home, but the true testimonial was when we had her first visit to our vet. He not only found her healthy-or has he put it-a perfect Wheaten! He then asked for Jennifer\'s information as he has a daughter in the Albany area who would be looking for a dog in the next few years and was going to recommend Jennifer after seeing our Riley!
Name: The Martin family
Location: Spokane WA
Comment: WE would highly recommend Jennifer and her breeders. Darby is now 1 year old and a very healthy Wheaten boy. We are totally thrilled with him! I was very scared about the whole flying thing but Darby arrived clean and very excited to see us. He is very social and loves everyone he meets. He is also good with every dog he meets. We are glad to have him as a member of our family. In this picture he\'s enjoying a frozen carrot for his birthday!
Name: Amanda
Location: Powder springs, Ga
Comment: We lost our first fur baby, Owen (a pug), in January & the kids were taking his death very hard. I started researching different breeds & came across Jennifer\'s wheatens. I was hesitant at first about doing everything via internet but once I started reading the testimonials I noticed that a former classmate had also gotten her wheaten through Jennifer. Since she had such a positive experience we decided to take the the plunge & add Brody to our family. Jennifer was so helpful in planning his arrival around our vacation. Brody was waiting on the kids when we arrived home from our trip. Brody is now 15 weeks old & has settled right in with our family. We love him to pieces!
Name: Sarah
Location: Austin, Texas
Comment: We lost our first fur baby, Murphy (a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) after a heartbreaking battle with cancer in July 2013. Our family all struggled with his loss, but it was extremely difficult for me. We began talking about getting another Wheaten, but were not sure where to look since our first breeder in California no longer is breeding SCWT puppies. After a lot of internet searching, I finally asked a wheaten group I\'m in on Facebook and Jennifer was highly recommended. From the first conversation I had with Jennifer, I knew that she\'d help us find our next fur baby! She was so kind, helpful, positive, and reassuring! I was very nervous about getting a puppy without meeting it first, and very nervous about having it travel via airplane to meet us. She put my mind at ease, answered every question I had, spent hours talking on the phone with me... You name it- she answered the question and was just amazing! I read all the testimonials and talked to Jennifer many, many times-- each conversation we had I felt better about the process. Rowdy joined our family on 12/20/13 at just 8 weeks old. He arrived safely, was immediately wagging his tail, and licking his new brothers (our 2 boys). He was healthy and fit right into our home and family. He has been an amazing addition to our family and we all adore him! Rowdy is now 5 months old and brings joy to us all every day. He is just beautiful and everyone admires him wherever he goes. We are so blessed with our Rowdy and love him so much!
Name: Marie
Location: Virginia Beach
Comment: I can not even begin to justly explain what a wonderful experience we had working with Jennifer. She is quick to reply to inquiries and welcomes you to give her a call if you have any questions about adopting, about the breed, etc. She is so honest and sincere that it is a breath of fresh air, especially having had a poor experience trying to adopt via an online breeder and even through pet finder. As a result, I was incredibly nervous about trying to adopt from a breeder who was not local but Jennifer helped me learn to trust again and we are all so grateful as Hazel has brought a lot of smiles and laughter into our home! A really wonderful bonus was receiving weekly photos of Hazel while we awaited the day we would pick her up from the airport. Getting those pictures in our email was so exciting and comforting. We definitely made the right choice with Jennifer and would most definitely recommend her and thefamilydoggie.com to anyone looking to adopt a sweet little wheaten!
Name: The Hanley Family
Location: California
Comment: We stumbled on a Wheaten randomly on a walk and fell in love with the breed after talking to the owner and doing our own research. I couldn\'t find any local breeders and found Jennifer\'s website. She was great about answering any questions we had and a few months later we had our Gus. He did great on the plane ride and adjusted quickly to our home. He is a year old now and such a sweet boy. I would recommend The Family Doggie to anyone looking to add a sweet wheaten to their home.
Name: The Ness Family
Location: New Carlisle IN
Comment: When we lost our Wheaten Terrier to cancer our hearts were broken. When we decided to get another dog, it had to be a Wheaten because we just love the breed. But it was hard for us to decide to go to a breeder because we have always gotten rescue pets - 5 dogs , 2 cats, and 3 thoroughbreds - all with hard-luck stories, in the last 25 years. The last thing we wanted to do was contribute to a puppy mill situation. When I explained to Jennifer that it was important for me to meet the breeder and see the property she immediately understood and wholeheartedly facilitated our visit to the breeder. Our family drove 18 hours round trip to ease my concerns. The breeder worked closely with us on updates on our puppy as well as information and directions for our visit to their property. The place was beautiful, spotlessly clean, and very professional. The kennels were large and well appointed and the dogs were clearly well loved. The parents of our puppy were on the property. We were welcomed graciously by the breeder, she went through all of the documents with us carefully to transfer our puppy to us, and he is absolutely perfect. He has been home with us a week now and we are in love. We have named our puppy Guinness and he is already bringing his own brand of comedy and goofiness to our home. Thank you Jennifer for facilitating a great and reassuring process. Thank you for your patience in accommodating our need to meet the breeder. And thank you for a wonderful new addition to our family.
Name: The Leito Family
Location: Black Rock, CT
Comment: Buddha is our very first family pet. We have three sons and I was very hesitant and waited a long time to make the decision to bring a dog into our home. When the time was right, I was referred by a neighbor who bought her Wheaton through Jennifer. The process ran so smoothly and before you know it we were dog owners. It was easier picking up Buddha at the airport than a human! Buddha will be celebrating his 1st Birthday soon and it\'s been a year filled with so much fun and love. He truly has brought that missing piece our family needed. His playful personality is so perfect for our family. He loves the affection he gets from our boys and we often say it\'s like having another boy in a fur costume. Buddha is a ball of fluff and love. I would highly recommend Jennifer\'s services in finding the perfect family doggie.
Name: McGuire Family
Location: Richland, Washington
Comment: We love our DeeDee (formerly Dianna)! Everything about receiving DeeDee from the airport just before Christmas to surprise the kids went smoothly. Jennifer was great to work with, especially after losing our Dawlee last summer. We knew we wanted another Wheaten. She is the perfect addition to our family! I would whole-heartedly recommend thefamilydoggie.
Name: Summas
Location: Seattle
Comment: We feel very fortunate to have found Jennifer\'s site. We had been looking for a breeder in Washington State for about two years, but had no luck. We were eager to get a sister for our 6 year old wheaten so we finally decided to look outside the state. The reviews for this site were fantastic. We were certainly not disappointed. Lily joined our family in mid April and we could not be happier! The process was so easy and smooth and we received updates from Jennifer regularly prior to Lily\'s arrival. We are very pleased and would recommend any wheaten lover out there to go through this site!
Name: The Aiello Family
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comment: When we lost our Wheaten, Dozer, to kidney failure just after Thanksgiving, our family was devastated. We weren’t sure we wanted another dog, because none would be able to compare to Dozer. But when our son started asking about a dog, we knew we had to fill his void. After a lot of searching and research, we came upon Jennifer’s site. I must admit, we were very skeptical at first. Jennifer was patient and kind and answered all of my crazy questions. My concerns were quickly put to rest and a trusting partnership developed. When it came time to pick a breeder, Jennifer was amazing in matching us with an experienced breeder who had a long history of raising quality puppies. From the time we exchanged our first email to the minute Sprocket (formerly Harley) arrived in Atlanta, we had frequent communication between both Jennifer and the breeder. Pictures, personality traits, and information were offered regularly and graciously. Sprocket arrived healthy and happy with all the necessary paperwork. When we took him to the vet for his 3 day well-check the vet repeatedly said what a good looking and healthy dog he was. Our friends and neighbors continually comment on how good he is, and we honestly say we can’t take the credit, he just came that way. Our toddler son and Sprocket are developing a nice bond and our son fondly refers to him as “My Sprocket!”. Thank you to Jennifer and our breeder for guidance, patience, and open and honest communication throughout the whole process. We are thrilled with our new addition and house feels whole again. Thank you for helping us fill our void and giving us what every little boy needs; a dog!
Name: Melo
Location: Long Island
Comment: My wife has been wanting a Wheaten Terrier since September and after unsuccessful searching with local breeders, she started looking elsewhere. We found Jennifer\'s website and Facebook page and had Melo in our house within a week!! Jennifer was always courteous, friendly and helpful and never pushed us into buying from her (although I\'m glad we did). My children adore Melo and he gets along just fine with our lab. He is a great addition to the family!!!
Name: Best Family
Location: Ardsley, NY
Comment: We have always wanted a wheaten terrier. They don\'t shed, are hypo-allergenic, medium sized, and adorable. When we were finally ready to get a dog we had trouble locating breeders that had liters in our area. We found Jennifer on the internet and she was amazing. She sincerely loves wheatens, uses reputable breeders and is committed to matching loving, forever homes for these dogs. She was always available to answer any questions and guide us through this process. Sammie joined our family a few weeks ago and we are completely in love. I highly recommend Jennifer without hesitation.
Name: Reiter Family
Location: Hoboken, N.J.
Comment: I feel we were extra lucky to stumble upon Jennifer and her ability to provide us with a puppy with timing and good fortune. I checked with local N.J. breeders but they had nothing and we had a plan to get a puppy end of January/Feb. Jennifer led us to Otis Cletus Bear. Wheatie is is his father and he was #9 of 9 puppies in that litter. When we finally were able to get him there was only one female and male left and I feel so lucky to have received such a warm, smart, affectionate pup that was hand raised in a loving home. Jenn was just starting her business so she didn\'t have Facebook page(s) yet or many reviews so it was all instinct. Thank you Jennifer!
Name: Vickie
Location: Dallas
Comment: Pearl (Willow) was born close to Pearl Harbor day and she became ours last February. We are hooked on wheatens; Pearl being our second. She is the life of the doggy park. She will run to every person and dog there to greet them. She loves to lay on the first step of our pool to cool off in the summer heat. She goes on a daily morning walk and expects this. She has long eyelashes and beautiful white teeth. Our first wheaten was the largest in his litter but Pearl is even larger than him. We are so very happy with our Wheaten and thank Sugardale for helping us find her.
Name: Lauren and Marshall
Location: Manhattan Beach Ca
Comment: We are so happy we came across Jennifer and The Family Doggie breeders! We have had 2 wonderful weeks with our new addition Wallace! He is very sweet and so smart already! The process was near effortless with Jennifer! We were always on the edge of our seat on Sundays each week knowing we would have pictures and updates on his growth and development. When it comes time for Wallace to get a sibling we we will definitely work with Jennifer again !
Name: Kaitlyn and Kyle
Location: Seattle, WA
Comment: We got our puppy, Sadie, through Jennifer about 6 months ago. Since then we’ve been very busy enjoying and loving our personal fur ball of energy. Working with Jennifer was AMAZING. She was easy to work with, answered all our questions and was always VERY prompt to respond to emails which, as a nervous new puppy parents was very important to us. Our puppy arrived healthy, happy and the vet said she’s in perfect condition. She also came well socialized and transitioned into our lives seamlessly. When we’re ready to give Sadie a playmate, we will definitely be using her again.
Name: Janet
Location: Long Island, NY
Comment: We got our puppy, Abby, through Jennifer about 4 months ago. Jennifer was amazing throughout the whole process. She kept up updated throughout Chole\'s (Abby\'s mother) pregnancy with emails and videos on facebook. Abby is so wonderful and healthy. Many thanks to Jennifer!!
Name: Jenn
Location: Long Island, NY
Comment: From the day I met my cousins dog Cally, I knew I wanted a wheaten Terrier, I just did not know where to look or who to trust. Secretly, my mom spoke to my cousin and she recommended speaking to Jennifer where she got Cally from The Family Doggie.com. My mom surprised me for my birthday that we will have a new addition to the family that was a Wheaten. We got our puppy Sven almost three months ago. He is such a happy, goofy puppy. Not a day goes by when he doesn\'t have me smiling or laughing. Sven is so healthy, smart and learning so much, so quick. From the day we got our Wheaten, Sven, Jennifer help us with any questions or concerns we had. She made us feel like we knew her for the longest time. We still keep in touch sending her updates of Sven. I recommend anyone looking for a wheaten to speak to Jennifer.
Name: Steve
Location: Woodinville,WA
Comment: The minute the freight people handed us the crate containing our new family member we were completely smitten. She was healthy, clean, and happy, and bonded to us immediately. By that night she only wanted to be with us. I have to admit I was a little nervous about ordering a dog online, but the whole process was so straightforward and simple with such a great outcome that I wouldn\'t hesitate to do it again. Jennifer connected us to the breeder, and the two of them walked us through absolutely smoothly. Now, eight weeks later our little Emmi has doubled in size and firmly established herself as the most amusing part of waking up in the morning or re-entering a room. We\'re so enthralled that we are thinking about getting her a permanent playmate next year. If we decide to proceed, it will definitely be another Wheaten, and I am absolutely certain that we will have Jennifer make it happen.
Name: Angela
Location: RIchmond, Virginia
Comment: This fall we were looking for a Wheaten puppy to join our family. I found Jennifer\'s website and she was wonderful to work with, answering questions promptly and describing the process of bringing a puppy home. When we went to the airport to pick up Maizie, we were overjoyed to meet her and find her in perfect shape. She is a sweet girl and awesome addition to our fun and crazy family. We couldn\'t be more thrilled!
Name: DeJesus Family
Location: Winslow Township, NJ
Comment: We were looking everywhere for a puppy to add to our home, when I came across Jennifer\'s website. I was extremely skeptical, at first, but decided to go along with things. Jennifer answered all of our questions and kept us up-to-date with all of the arrangements. Lady (Dulcinea) arrived in Philly and was just like all of her photos. She is a ball of fun and a great addition to our home. Everyone loves her and wants to know where we purchased her from. We always mention Jennifer\'s website and what a great job was done on all sides of the operation. The breeder let us know that Lady\'s (Dulcinea\'s) sister Durene went to Nashville, which is interesting because my family lives in Clarksville, TN. It would be really sweet if they were to meet again. Thanks again for everything Jennifer.
Name: jody & gary
Location: brooklyn,ny
Comment: We must say it has taken us forever to write a review, But we feel it is extremely important to let everyone out know the wonderful experience we had dealing with Jennifer. She is the real deal and if you are looking for someone that is sincere and patient she is the one to go to. She help us and answered every question .Remember , this will be our third soft coated wheaten terrier and the problems we had with the previous ones have made us more demanding. Despite our many questions, Jennifer was very understanding and figured out exactly what we were looking for. We recommend anyone who is looking for a soft coated wheaten to look Jennifer\'s way. We wouldn\'t go anywhere else ever again to buy a wheaten terrier. Our Morgan is a gem and Handsome to boot. All of the recommended testings have been done to rest our minds at ease. Thank you so much Jennifer.
Name: Suss
Name: The Crow Family
Location: Nashville, TN
Comment: We had a Wheaten male, Fletcher, for almost 12 years. He was my third \"child\", and grew up with my now teenagers. When he passed, we were heart broken. After having a Wheaten, we knew we would have no other breed. They are wonderful dogs! I started looking into how to get another, as living where we live, there are none. A friend referred me to the Sugardale Wheaten page on FB. I contacted Jennifer, who responded immediately, and she answered all my questions, while also being compassionate for our loss of Fletcher. We weren\'t sure when we would be ready to get another Wheaten, but we trusted there was a special one out there for us, and that we would know! Through Jennifer\'s page on FB and her website, we found our new fur baby, Charlie. She was, again, immediate in response to my questions and helped put me at ease in the journey. Getting a new fur baby is a big decision! The breeder does all the needed testing for this breed, and that was important to us. Both the breeder and Jennifer have a passion and integrity for their work. We are grateful for our Charlie!
Name: Katelin and Joseph
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Comment: We have always wanted a puppy and for some time, have also known we wanted a wheaten. With both of us having time off in August, we thought it would be the best time to get a dog and spend our time off training and helping the puppy get acclimated to our home. We quickly found that breeders in the area either did not have any puppies due or no longer had puppies available. We were reluctant to get a puppy online because we had this image of what the experience of getting a new puppy would be like but Jennifer was extremely understanding and accommodating with our questions, concerns and thoughts. We did eventually decide to work with Jennifer and we are SOOOOOO glad we did. Our Boo Amelia arrived healthy and happy with no hiccups or trouble at all. Both Jennifer and the breeder made the process extremely smooth and kept us informed at every step. We are extremely happy with our new addition and we can\'t thank Jennifer enough for helping to bring us together.
Name: Rachel
Location: San Diego
Comment: The puppy that I selected through Jennifer is amazing! He\'s smart as a whip, learns quickly, is super distracted by everything, loves absolutely everyone, and everyone loves him! The vet remarked how healthy he is and he\'s growing like crazy. I\'m finally able to bring him to dog parks now and he\'s such a hit with the dogs and humans! I think he is literally the fluffiest puppy in existence :) Both Jennifer and the breeder were incredibly helpful and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Thank you!
Name: Manny
Location: St. Louis
Comment: We researched a lot for our next family dog, and ultimately decided that a Wheaten was the perfect blend of terrier (no shedding), good temperament, but still a medium sized dog. I found Jennifer through a website, and she was very thorough in answering questions, and more importantly... you could tell that she loves animals. We waited a short time, and were able to get a Wheaten within a couple of weeks. Our boy Cooper is now almost 6 years old, and is a super sweet dog. He loves the whole family, is very sweet, and if I do say so myself... a beautiful dog. He has been super healthy, and never had any issues. Feel confident in doing business with Jennifer, I would happily do so again. Thank you!
Name: Gina & Ryan
Location: Los Angeles
Comment: We had been searching for our little girl (and a little girl for my parents) for months until we came across Jennifer with The Family Doggie. We were skeptical at first, but Jennifer took great care of us; she was prompt to respond, super helpful, and rested our minds. Once we put our deposit down, we were able to contact the (super sweet!) breeder directly, who also was extremely helpful and patient with our qualms. The breeder sent photos and information along the way, and made sure that we were set up with the shortest flight plan. Maple & Stella\'s flight was successful and a breeze (thanks team for putting this together). Overall, we had a great experience and would go through her again for our next wheatie. Thanks Jennifer! Maple & Stella come from Diamond & Dundee\'s litter born 9/3/2015. Are you a littermate? Please reach out, we\'d love to catch up! Reach out and follow us on Instagram: @MapleSumpthin
Name: Ali
Location: Westchester County, NY
Comment: We always knew we wanted to have a wheaten terrier become part of our family. I was alway nervous about using the Internet to get a dog. Jennifer made the process a breeze. She was always available to answer our questions and concerns. Our Sasha arrived as planned in perfect shape at our local airport. She is everything we could have hoped for! Sweet, fun loving and just adorable. We love her with all hearts and are taking such pleasure in watching her grow up every day. I would definitely recommend Jennifer and would use her services again in a heartbeat!
Name: The Elder Family
Location: Johns Creek, Ga
Comment: We contacted Sugardale Wheatens In November 2015 for a wheaten puppy. We had a wonderful female wheaten for 11 years and we lost her suddenly to cancer. Since we love the wheatie breed, we did not hesitate to get another. Our Luna girl was born Oct. 31, 2015 and we received her two days before Christmas.. A wonderful Christmas present indeed!! We just love her so. The whole process went so smoothly and we are thrilled with our beautiful girl! Thank you again Sugardale !!
Name: Marissa & Cooper
Location: Raleigh, NC
Comment: Cooper is the love of my life! I have to admit that I was a bit nervous buying a dog online - especially one that I had never met, but Jennifer made it so simple and was amazing with her communication throughout the whole process. Did I mention that Cooper is the best?! His personality and well-behaved demeanor is often complimented by our neighbors who can\'t believe that a puppy could be so calm around other people, children & dogs. You can tell he was born in a loving, healthy environment before finding his forever home. We look forward to all of our adventures ahead! Thank you so much! xo Marissa & Cooper
Name: Perry & Gizmo
Location: Arlington Tx
Comment: It\'s only been 2 months since recieving this little fellow into my home but what a delight. Working with Jennifer made the pocess simple and easy. Once the decision was made, she kept in contact and everything worked out so smoothly. He has stolen the hearts of everyone who meets him. D Perry
Name: Lisa Seckman
Location: Nashville, TN
Comment: This is our second Wheaton and we could not be happier with Family Doggie and the service Jennifer provides. The breed is the best family dog we have ever had (after 20 years of Labs which I love but...) and they bring joy into the family. We are also pleased with the quality of the breeders. Thanks Jennifer!
Name: Rebecca Mahoney
Location: Saratoga Springs
Comment: I am writing this review one year to the day that we picked up our pup Mackey. He is the son of Jellybean and Bode. Although this is not our first Wheaten, he has been our best behaved! Within one week he was house broken and adhering to commands and could play fetch. He is gentle and loving, playful and athletic and has such a calm demeanor when in the house.We could not be more delighted with this dog. We adore him. We are so appreciative of Jennifer\'s attention and diligence in screening the breeders for us and making the process so easy!
Name: The Brickers
Location: Montana
Comment: Charlie is our first Wheaten Terrier and we are so grateful that we found Jennifer during the adoption process. Jennifer was very helpful with explaining her position as well as providing as much information as possible when we were making our final choice. Charlie just turned one (July 16, 2016) and we cannot imagine our family without him. He is a very social puppy (with dogs and people) and couldn’t be more sweet, loving, curious, playful and fun. His personality continues to make us laugh! We are fortunate that we have wonderful resources in our town and have been able to train him further with puppy classes, socialization, off leash training (we spend a lot of time outdoors trail running, hiking, boating) and he has been amazing! Our hearts are so full with Charlie in our family! Thank you! (Instagram: charliegbricker)
Name: Michelle, George, Steven
Location: New Windsor, NY
Comment: We are now the proud parents of sweet Lily and we couldn\'t be happier. Jennifer made this process easy and pleasurable from the very beginning by answering all our questions (and we had many of them) and putting our minds at ease. Lily is so sweet and beautiful! She\'s our first Wheaten and we are enjoying her so much. She\'s only been here a week and a half but we feel like she\'s always been in our lives. Thanks to all who made this adoption possible. We are so grateful.
Name: Laura Casey
Location: Asheville, NC
Comment: I\'m so pleased that I found The Family Doggie, Jennifer is knowledgeable about the breed and quality breeders...she was worth it all. We now have Gracie who arrived just as Jennifer said, socialized, smart and being potty trained as I write this. She is a lovely addition to our family and I look forward to getting another Wheaten next year thru The Family Doggie-Jennifer Rocks!
Name: Huelbig Family
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Comment: Our Doyle arrived at JFK on a hot summer day; lively and happy. We had never picked up a puppy at an airport before, but after speaking with Jennifer and 2 very pleased customers we took the plunge. Our vet checked him out that day and said he was in excellent health with a beautiful coat. Doyle is just wonderful He is a quick learner having already mastered sit, fetch and stairs in only 2 weeks. Training is in full swing and everyday is an adventure. We could not be happier with our relationship with Jennifer and the breeder; both responsive, helpful and encouraging.
Name: Kasztan Family
Location: Monmouth County, NJ
Comment: It was completely random that we found The Family Doggie, but it was meant to be! My wife and I currently live in Norway (I am originally from NJ) and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are very very difficult to come by. We looked around and found Jennifer through someone on instragram! She has been a pleasure to deal with and everything worked perfectly. Also, the breeder who we got Barkley from was very helpful and very knowledgeable. Everything went perfectly to plan and I arrived back to Norway this past week with Barkley and we couldn\'t be happier =) Will definitely recommend!
Name: Kasztan Family
Location: Monmouth County, NJ
Comment: It was completely random that we found The Family Doggie, but it was meant to be! My wife and I currently live in Norway (I am originally from NJ) and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are very very difficult to come by. We looked around and found Jennifer through someone on instragram! She has been a pleasure to deal with and everything worked perfectly. Also, the breeder who we got Barkley from was very helpful and very knowledgeable. Everything went perfectly to plan and I arrived back to Norway this past week with Barkley and we couldn\'t be happier =) Will definitely recommend!
Name: Jackie White and Mike Masulli
Location: Boston, MA
Comment: We could not be more happy with our experience with The Family Doggie. Jennifer was very helpful and patient throughout the process. Our puppy is very social, intelligent, and is such a lover. He is graduating puppy training today, and knows how to sit, stay, leave it, lay down, and speak. We could not have asked for a better dog and we highly recommend The Family Doggie.
Name: Felton Family
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Comment: I cannot say enough nice things about Jennifer and the family doggie! She is literally always available and responds to every text almost immediately. She answers every question and will talk to you in depth about every doggie concern you might have. Our puppy, Georgia, arrived 3 weeks ago and we are all so in love with her. This breed is so wonderful! And Jennifer is the absolute best- a true wheaten lover... I can\'t recommend her enough. I would be happy to talk to anyone personally if they have concerns. Georgia is in great health and came from a very sound breeder.
Name: Bassell and Stephanie
Location: Stamford, CT
Comment: Everything about the process of bringing Rutherford home went so smoothly! This puppy is just perfect! He\'s very social and learned so fast at such a young age! Being a lab family growing up, it was hard to change breeds but we couldn\'t be happier with Rutherford. He\'s so sweet, social and fun! Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience. This pup just makes you smile as soon as you lay eyes on him!
Name: Degory Family
Location: West Melbourne , Florida
Comment: We are so happy to have found this site. We were connected with a great breeder. The process was easy and the communication was fast. Thank you so much for helping us find our sweet Lucy to join our family
Name: Degory Family
Location: West Melbourne , Florida
Comment: We are so happy to have found this site. We were connected with a great breeder. The process was easy and the communication was fast. Thank you so much for helping us find our sweet Lucy to join our family
Name: Chris and Sissy
Location: Albany, Ga
Comment: We are so thankful for our little girl puppy. She is so smart and quickly adjusted to us. She is very playful but has a mind all her own. I call her to go on the porch, she gets as far as the door and backs up. She is thinking, way too hot out there. She squats to pee immediately when I take her outside. She loves my cats . She is a bundle of love , We are Thankful! Jennifer is a great blessing, she always returned my text promptly. I would highly recommend her helping to get a puppy. Thankyou Jennifer for helping us!!
Name: Chris and Sissy
Location: Albany, GA
Comment: We are so thankful for our little girl puppy. She is so smart and quickly adjusted to us. She is very playful but has a mind all her own. I call her to go on the porch, she gets as far as the door and backs up. She is thinking, way too hot out there. She squats to pee immediately when I take her outside. She loves my cats . She is a bundle of love , We are Thankful! Jennifer is a great blessing, she always returned my text promptly. I would highly recommend her helping to get a puppy. Thankyou Jennifer for helping us!!
Name: Lindsay
Location: Las Vegas
Comment: When my husband and I decided that we wanted our wheaten to come home to us with a full tail (undocked), we went searching for a breeder who would be willing to work with that unusual request. It was a surprisingly long search! Finally, I found Jennifer. She and her breeders were more than willing to help us bring home our baby boy, full tail wagging! And they didn\'t stop there! Since Fergus has joined our family, Jennifer and her breeder have continued to help my husband and I overcome the obstacles of puppy-parenting, demonstrating the commitment and love they have for the breed. We couldn\'t have hoped for such support as we made our entrance into the wheaten community. And to all of you out there reading this testimonial, congratulations! You\'ve reached the end of your search, too!
Name: Brent Seybolt
Location: South Glens Falls
Comment: My girlfriend and I decided it was time to find a Wheaten Terrier pup for our family and so we did! We found Jennifer Brantigan and she helped us to our newest family member Groot! I can\'t say enough great things about Jennifer and how well she took care of the pups. We were lucky to have found her! Thank you, Brent + Tabitha Seybolt
Name: Ashley & Robert
Location: San Diego, CA
Comment: I am very thankful to have found Jennifer. It was very important to my boyfriend and I that we went with a reputable breeder (NO puppy mills). We were connected with a wonderful breeder. We anxiously awaited the arrival of our new puppy and ever since he has arrived he has captured not only our hearts, but everyone he encounters. Koa is happy, healthy, and loving life. Puppies are a lot of work, so make sure you are thoroughly prepared to put in the effort and commitment. It was the best decision for us and we are so happy to have Koa as part of our family! Jennifer was very attentive, responsive, straightforward, and honest. She is always willing to answer questions. We are very excited for the future ahead with our handsome lil guy. Thank you, Jennifer and thank you to all the great breeders she works with :)
Name: Twiford Family
Location: Chester, VA
Comment: Our family decided to get a Wheaten because of my husband\'s allergies to dogs. This was the one breed he was able to interact with without having a reaction. It took us about 6 months of looking and researching breeders before we found Jennifer and The Family Doggie website. All of my interactions with Jennifer and the breeder were great and they both were very quick to respond to my questions. The breeder also sent me lots of information about the breed and training, etc. which was very helpful! We picked Zoe up from the Richmond airport on June 12th and we all instantly fell in love with her! It took her a day or two to get settled in with us but then we saw her personality begin to come out! She is such a sweetheart and so full of energy! Our two boys who are 12 and 9 cannot get enough of her and they hug and kiss on her all the time! When we took her to the vet\'s office for the first time, they passed her around like she was a new baby! She has also finished her basics training class and she was a favorite in the class! Zoe is now almost 5 months old and has become a huge part of our family. We can\'t imagine life without her now and I cannot thank Jennifer and the breeder enough for such a beautiful Wheaten inside and out! :-)
Name: The Petteys Family
Location: Corinth, NY
Comment: We recently purchased our Wheaten through Sugardale and we are so happy with our puppy! This is our second Wheaten, our first passed away after 13 years of pure joy with him. Our experience with Sugardale was amazing! She put us in contact with the breeder and we were able to communicate with them, and get weekly pics and updates on him until we were able to bring him home. Finley was flown in and we had never experienced this before and the process was very easy. We would highly recommend using Sugardale Wheaten’s! Loved the whole experience! SCWT are the most amazing dogs (family members) to have! ❤️❤️ Thank you!
Name: The Friedman Family
Location: Brookville, NY
Comment: We love our wheaten terrier Sunny. We were quite skeptical and nervous about getting a dog sight unseen (except in pics) coming on a plane to be picked up at airport cargo. But Jennifer and her breeder answered all of our questions, and the testimonials on the website were very helpful. We now have Sunny for 7 months plus. She is the sweetest, most loving and beautiful dog. Although wheatens are not necessarily the easiest breed for first time dog owners like us, Sunny has been such a pleasure and an awesome addition to our family. We could not have asked for anything more.
Name: The Kinzy\'s
Location: So.Gate California
Comment: Oh my goodness, how do we start? We fell in love with this breed and we searched for breeders on our own and we were having no luck. We came upon the family doggie site and I knew we would have Jennifer find the perfect pup for us. She did, but to say I was not worried was an understatement. We have had rescue dogs but never a dog from a breeder and especially from out of state. So we were a bit apprehensive at first, but I read all the testimonies and we jumped in and put our deposit on our little girl. Jennifer is a saint, poor thing,I asked all kinds of questions and was worried to no end, but she answered all questions a reassured me that everything would be fine. Well she is true to her word, our puppy arrived on time and in excellent health. As soon as we opened her crate we saw those beautiful eyes Ann\'s all the worry and anxiety faded away. She was playful and loving. Next morning we took her to the vet and the doctor said she was a very healthy puppy. The breeder did a good job. I believe in Jennifer and her special relationships she has with the breeders she works with. They have beautiful healthy pups. Anyone looking for great breeders need to go through Jennifer. Thank you for helping us find or special little Lady.
Name: The McKenney Jones\'s
Location: Neah Bay, WA
Comment: My Husband and I recently moved out to our first Duty station through the Coast Guard and decided it was time for us to start looking at our first puppy. This began a search for the perfect breed and landed me on this website. I could not have been more blessed to have stumbled upon it. I immediently sent an email and got a response within the hour! We exchanged emails back and forth for about a week before we decided to take the plunge and set up receiving a puppy. We got our new healthy baby Clover in perfect condition. The crate she came in was large enough to keep her comfortable and she looked perfect and fluffy when she came out! She is the sweetest and funniest puppy I\'ve ever seen. The vet said she was in excellent health and we have had no problems with her. I would one hundred percent recommend going through this website if you\'re in the market for one of the best dog breeds around!
Name: The Stevenson Family
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Comment: Wanted to leave a note about my experience with adopting our Nola. We found Jennifer via her Facebook page, and we were just in the beginning stages of looking. We had no experience with buying a dog from out of state, and Jennifer quickly answered all of our questions and alleviated any concerns we had. We chose a puppy from Harriet and Mahoney. The process was seamless and Nola arrived to us on April 10th. We now can\'t imagine our family without her. She is sweet, SOOO great with our children (and all children), playful but still cuddly, a fast learner, and so loving. Recently our groomer called after a bath just to tell us that Nola is the best Wheaten that she has ever groomed, and even went as far as to ask us to pass this along to the breeder. I can\'t recommend Jennifer enough, and it is very clear that the breeders she works with are only the best. Nola is now 10 months old and has completed our family. So thank you to Jennifer and her breeders!
Name: Degory Family
Location: West Melbourne , Florida
Comment: Just wanted to send you a big thank you. We got our beautiful Lucy from one of the breeders you work with. We have had her for 9 months now and she is such an amazing family dog. She is as social and sweet as they come. Here is our latest adventure with Lucy , biking in her new bike trailer in Sanibel Florida.
Name: Fries Family
Location: Jupiter, Florida
Comment: Could not thank Susan at The Family Doggie enough for bringing us the sweetest and cutest puppy ever. Susan worked extra hard to get our Brandy to us after her original flight was cancelled due to the weather. Two days later Brandy was on her way to her waiting family in Jupiter. Love, The Fries Family
Name: The Sellars Family
Location: Atlanta
Comment: We just got our pup yesterday and she is such a sweet soul. Back in 2017 we lost our sweet Roo at age 15. We had to take some time to heal and decided that we were ready for a new fur baby about a month ago. We dog sit for a friend that has a Wheaten and we absolutely fell in love. Jennifer was so great through this process and answered any and every question I had! Our newest edition is finding her way around and has completely melted our hearts. I will definitely be referring Sugardale Wheatens to anyone looking for a fluffy ball of love! Thanks for everything, Jennifer!
Name: Ted
Location: Southern Cal
Comment: We found The Family Doggie online and were extremely impressed with how efficient the process was to receive our dear Scoobi through Jennifer. Emails were answered promptly and getting regular status/photos of our puppy was a wonderful experience. The quality and experience of the breeders was very comforting. Thank you Jennifer for helping fill a void when our 15-yr old wheaten passed last year.
Name: Jeff
Location: Livingston, NJ
Comment: Keeping it really brief here but we could not be happier with our 9 month old Kobe who apparently came to us trained to sleep through the night since day 1.
Name: Guy
Location: Boise, ID
Comment: We just got our Wheatie (Walter) - couldn\'t be happier with the little guy! He\'s a rambunctious puppy, but cute as all get out. Thanks!
Name: The Wilkes Family
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comment: Nala arrived in top shape, super healthy and full of love. Our vet is also a family friend, and she had nothing but high praise for the breeder during Nala\'s first exam. Beyond her health, it\'s clear Nala was raised with loving care and attention. She adores being around people and has the sweetest attitude with children. In short, Nala is everything a family could hope for in a Wheaten... Know Jennifer is amazing every step of the way, and we highly recommend The Family Doggie!
Name: Doug & Kristen
Location: Altamonte Springs, Florida
Comment: My wife and I began a search for a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier sometime back and were having trouble locating a breeder, as well as a breeder we felt comfortable with. My daughter found out a neighbor of hers had gotten their Wheaten Terrier through Jennifer and the Family Doggie web site. I sent a request via the web site and within an hour we got a reply from Jennifer. I thought we\'d take it a step further and call Jennifer for details and get some more information. She answered the phone after 7pm and so was so nice and provided more details than we were even asking. During our conversation we told her we wanted a female Wheaten Terrier and she told us that a breeder she works with had a female giving birth to a litter as we spoke. She asked if she could contact the breeder and then call us back, and did within 30 minutes! During the entire process if I had any questions I\'d send Jennifer a text message and most times I could see she was responding immediately. Fast forward 8 ½ weeks and our precious little puppy arrived safe and sound. If you are looking for a reliable breeder and someone that will be responsive to your needs and questions, look no further than Jennifer and the Family Doggie. Now meet little Layla !!
Name: The Barbash Family
Location: Middleton MA
Comment: The Family Doggie is a great way to go. Jenn is a pleasure to work with. She vets her breeders , makes you feel comfortable through the entire process and delivers a beautiful pup. Jenn was quick to answer any questions and would do anything in her power to make the perfect match. Finn is our third Wheaten I’ve used breeders brokers and rescues The family doggie was exactly what we needed at this time and I highly recommended the Family doggie
Name: The Barbash Family
Location: Middleton MA
Comment: The Family Doggie is a great way to go. Jenn is a pleasure to work with. She vets her breeders , makes you feel comfortable through the entire process and delivers a beautiful pup. Jenn was quick to answer any questions and would do anything in her power to make the perfect match. Finn is our third Wheaten I’ve used breeders brokers and rescues The family doggie was exactly what we needed at this time and I highly recommended the Family doggie
Name: The Taranto Family
Location: Redding CT
Comment: I can’t say enough good things about the family doggie. The experience was easy and all my questions (there were many) we answered in a fast and caring fashion. I was a worry wart the day it came to my puppy flying to me. Everything went without a single issue and the airport was so impressed with my puppy saying he was the best one they had all week. Oliver is amazing. I love his personality and crazy antics. My other dogs love their new brother. We will definitely be coming back to the family doggie for another wheaten when the time is right. You will not find a better wheaten breeder out there.
Name: The Blaze Family
Location: Tampa, Florida
Comment: My family had been looking for a wheaten terrier when Sugardale Wheatens was recommended to us by a family friend. Jennifer was extremely helpful through the process of bringing our newest family member home. All questions and concerns were answered promptly and puppy arrived in PERFECT condition! She is well socialized and the best addition to our family! I cannot thank The Family Doggie enough! XX
Name: Erica Lenners
Location: Wakefield, Massachusetts
Comment: I had such a wonderful experience finding my wheaten terrier through Jennifer! I had known for sometime I wanted a wheaten but I was having trouble finding a local breeder. I did manage to find a local breeder but I was completely turned off by the lack of communication. I stumbled upon Thefamilydoggie website and decided to e-mail and get some information. I was totally impressed with the almost immediate response time from Jennifer! Her communication is impeccable! I was sold. Even though it meant losing my deposit with the breeder I had found on my own, I went ahead and secured a puppy through Jennifer. She just made me feel so at ease with the process. I constantly received photos of my puppy, communication and tips about raising a puppy, and the complete steps of what to expect next in the process. Any question that I had throughout the process was always answered immediately and thoroughly. I was a little nervous about purchasing a puppy over the internet but Jennifer put me right at ease. I was also nervous about having a puppy shipped. However, my puppy arrived safely and healthy as promised and I couldn’t be happier! He is such a wonderful puppy! We named him “Teddy” and he really is our real life teddy bear. I just can’t get enough of him! Thank you Jennifer for finding him for us! I would recommend you to anyone without a single reservation!
Name: Chanthaphone Family
Location: Clifton, Va
Comment: We lost our two dogs last December and after some time, our home was missing something. That something was a dog and we felt it was time since our boys are a bit older. My wife was looking for whoodles and she accidentally found this site. We went through the process by reaching out to Jennifer on Facebook and she gave us a prompt reply. After looking at the puppies we decided to move forward. We later realized we had chosen a soft coat wheaten terrier, we believe it was fate. The entire process was very easy and the breeder was great with communication. Our puppy \"Brighton\" is a joy! She\'s been great with the kids and wonderful around others. We are happy with Brighton and can\'t wait to see her grow up with our two boys. Thank you to Jennifer for an easy process and for her awesome breeder.
Name: Patricia Almond
Location: Atlanta
Comment: Our puppy experience was as perfect as all the ones before us. Jennifer was extremely responsive to my MANY questions! The entire experience was nothing less than perfect!! We\'ve had Rylee Grace with us now for a month and she has readily become \"one of the pack\", being the fourth furbaby. She\'s amazingly smart, following the older pups using the doggie door as well as all the other stunts her older siblings have taught her. We couldn\'t be happier with our newest addition and highly recommend The Family Doggie and the wonderful Breeder team!
Name: Merkerson Family
Location: Atlanta GA
Comment: Our experience surpassed our expectations. All of our fears of purchasing out of state and having her flown in were relieved after we talked to Jennifer and our breeder. Both were extremely responsive and absolutely amazing through the entire process. Our breeder answered all of our questions and even told us we could call her indefinitely if we needed too. Our wheaten arrived safely, healthy and happy. She is just as described and is already well acclimated to people and other dogs. If we had to contact Jennifer again, we absolutely would. Thank you for our wonderful wheaten!
Name: Templeton Family
Location: Florida
Comment: Jennifer was amazing and such a treat help. We were sceptical at first about getting a puppy this way. After reading all the reviews we took the plunge, and we are so grateful we did! Evey step I was able to communicate with Jennifer and the breeder. Thank you Jennifer!
Name: Templeton Family
Location: Florida
Comment: Jennifer was amazing and such a treat help. We were sceptical at first about getting a puppy this way. After reading all the reviews we took the plunge, and we are so grateful we did! Evey step I was able to communicate with Jennifer and the breeder. Thank you Jennifer!
Name: Jeff
Location: Georgia
Comment: We've gotten two Wheaten Terriers from Sugardale Wheatens, both have been perfect. Sweet, playful, smart and not agressive. I've heard people say Wheatens are "hyper" but neither of ours have been like that at all, but they do need to go for a walk daily. Wonderful indoor dogs, incredibly sweet and patient with kids, both our kids and kids we see at the park or on a walk. We could not be happier with both of them, Brody and Buzz. The transaction was very smooth. The dogs were flown in and I picked them up at the airport (they are two years apart in age) and were in perfect condition. Very healthy, beautiful dogs. Buzz had some issues with itchy skin and would chew his paws, so he takes apoquel (the vet prescribed it) daily and his skin is perfect. Being non-shedding and hypo-allergenic is a big bonus. I can't imagine having any other type of dog! So glad we found Sugardale Wheatens!!!
Name: Jenni
Location: Costa Rica
Comment: My Wheaten, Tara is 7 and a half months old now and yes Jennifer helped me get her all the way to Costa Rica. She is the only one here! My family of 4 and one other furry daughter love Tara. She has been a great addition to our family and has the best temperament and personality! Love the breed and the family that Tara comes from. I also wanted Tara to have her natural tail and Jennifer and the breeder were great about this and made sure I got what I wanted (Just as a side note we love how her tail looks). This was in addition to complicated paperwork I needed since Tara was traveling internationally. I picked her up in the US but then flew with her the next day back to Costa Rica and all couldn’t have gone better. I was very happy with the way the breeder cared for the puppies and made sure Tara’s well-being was the most important. To anyone thinking of getting a loving playful family dog a Wheaten from TheFamilyDoggie is perfect.
Name: Parker
Location: New York City
Comment: We couldn’t be happier! Parker is an instant member of the family and is, dare I say, perfect. Jennifer was amazing to work with, made the process easy and very clearly cares!
Name: Erin
Location: Dallas, TX
Comment: We were wanting to add another wheaten to our family (currently have a 10yo wheaten) and couldn't find a local breeder. I came across The Family Doggie website and after much thought I decided to contact Jennifer and she replied within the hour. Jennifer was very easy to communicate with and the entire process went very smooth, considering our puppy was coming from out of state. Once I secured our puppy, I received many pictures of her and once I received her, I was given multiple documents on how to care for her, training tips, etc. Jennifer cares very deeply about the puppies and it is very evident they are well cared for. Overall, she is a fantastic person to work with and her website is awesome!! Our sweet little Harper is 9 weeks old and we are so in love with her! She arrived in perfect condition at the airport and is a very happy pup! If you are looking for a wheaten to add to your family, this is the place to get one!
Name: The Bjorklund Family
Location: Seattle, WA
Comment: We got our 8 week Wheaten, Luna, and we are so grateful. What an amazing puppy!!! Way above expectations! To help put some context around that statement; we had a gold retriever before and when we got her as a puppy (about 8 weeks as well) there was a lot of work for us ranging from teaching her name to potty training. I have to say Luna was just in a different league… and we give a lot of credit to Sugardale Wheatens. When we picked Luna up at the airport after more than 12 hours of travel, she was as fresh as a daisy and as happy as can be. I had been worried about the trip and that Luna would be a bit scared as a result of what must have been a fairly traumatizing experience. Not at all! She was ready to go. The other problem I expected was that Luna wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and would be missing her siblings and her mom. Luna went to bed at 9pm and was sound asleep until about 5am – not bad given that she had traveled to Seattle with a 3 hour time difference. On top of that Luna was pretty much potty trained, she knew her name, listened to simple commands like “sit” and “come”. Not at all the regular puppy experience that I think most people are experiencing. The fact that Sugardale Wheatens wanted to receive updates and pictures about how Luna was doing goes to show why Luna is the way she is. She has received a lot of love and attention from the very first day of her life. Thank you Sugardale Wheatens! You have done a phenomenal job with Luna and I’m sure all other dogs too. We couldn’t be happier to have this sweet, energetic, intelligent and spicy puppy in our lives.
Name: Donna GrY
Location: Amherst, NH
Comment: We are thrilled with our Wheaten Terrier. Her name is Gypsy and she is amazing. We travel 75% of the time in our RV and she has totally enhanced our experiences. She makes us laugh and gives us so much love. She has the sweetest disposition. We could not ask for more. She is in perfect health and everyone at our vets office is in love with her. Thank you for providing us with amazing customer service. You go above and beyond. Gypsy is the best thing that has happened to us since our last grand child was born. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Name: Elaine & Andy Marshall
Location: So. California
Comment: I cannot express my gratitude enough for the guidance and support Jennifer gave me in finding our sweet boy, Riley! He is the most perfect puppy. I was worried about him flying but I was assured he would be fine and he was! He arrived happy and healthy and ready to meet his new family. I highly recommend Jennifer. Thank you again!
Name: Linda
Location: Cumming, GA
Comment: Flynn found his 4-ever home in Cumming, GA. This is our 6th Wheaten over 30+ years! Jennifer Is excellent to work with and passionate about her Wheatens! The personality of a Wheaten is loyal, loving, social - a wonderful family dog. Her family tree of Wheatens did not disappoint! Thank you Jennifer for your love & care for this special breed! Flynn is very happy & so is his new family!
Name: Linda
Location: GA
Comment: FLYNN (not sure what happen to his photo the 1st time) 😊



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