Q: How old does a puppy have to be in order to take the puppy home?
A: 8 weeks old is the minimum. We like to wait until 9 weeks to let the puppies go to their homes, so they adjust better.
Q: Are the puppies up to date on their shots and wormings?
A: Yes
Q: Are all the puppies registered?
A: All of our pure breeds are registered. However, the designer breeds are not always.
Q: How do I pick my puppy?
A: You select your puppy through the photos and our breeders describe the temperments.
Q: Is it safe for a puppy to fly?
A: Yes. The flights are FAA regulated and approved. If by any means, this was inhumane or cruel, the FAA would never allow it.
Q: Is the puppy under the plane with all the luggage?
A: No. They are in a temperature controlled, pressurized cabin on the plane.
Q: What is the process when I get to the airport to pick up my puppy?
A: A few days before the flight, you will be given the puppies' flight itinerary and Airway bill number. When you arrive to the airport, go to the terminal desk (We usually fly American Airlines) and tell them you are there to pick up your puppy. They will direct you to where the puppy is. It is different for each airport. You will be asked for identification to be sure that you are the owner of the puppy. You will sign and then take your puppy home. It is that simple.
Q: Is The Family Doggie a puppy mill?
A: No. We will not advertise for any breeders who mass breed or jeopardize the health of their breed dogs and/or puppies.
Q: How can I be sure this is a reputable organization?
A: We have been connecting healthy puppies with caring families since 2008. Feel free to visit our fan pages, The Family Doggie http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Family-Doggie/128480733907957  and Sugardale Wheatens http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sugardale-Wheatens/186358729273 on Facebook and read our reviews.

Q: Are all of these your puppies?
A: No. I hobby breed Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers once every year or so. All other breeds on here are through small scale breeders. We are an advertising venue for reputable breeders.
Q: What kind of health guarantee do I get with my puppy?
A: All puppies sold on The Family Doggie come with a one year congenital health guarantee against genetic defects. Please read our health guarantee
Q: Are all puppies vet checked before the sale of the puppy?
A: Yes. Without a vet check and health certificate, the puppies cannot board a flight.

Q: How much Starter food does the puppy come with?

A: The puppy comes with a small one week supply of food. This is called transitioning food, as you would use it to mix together with the food you will be feeding the puppy  so that his/her stomach doesn't become upset.
Q: What is your return policy on your puppies?
A: We do not own any puppies other than our Soft Coated Wheatens. We are just an advertising venue for breeders, but they are required to honor the health guarantee on this website.  You would need to contact the breeder who your purchased the puppy from to arrange the return and/or file a complaint. 

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