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We are the Brantigans. The Family Doggie AKA Sugardale Wheatens is a business that "accidently" began in 2008. I am the proud owner of 3 beautiful Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Bailey, Chloe and Annie-Gayle. On December 19, 2007, I purchased my Bailey from an online pet website. He was flown into my local airport from Iowa. When I arrived to pick him up, my Bailey was perfect! He was the same puppy shown on the advertisement and I was very pleased with him.

Spring came and I decided that Bailey needed to have a companion. I also wanted to breed as a hobby, as I have a passion for Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. So, I went online to find a quality female that I can not only call my pet, but to be the mother to Bailey's puppies. I wasn't able to buy the puppy from the same breeder, as the puppies would then be related.

Serendipidously, I stumbled upon a website and there I saw a gorgeous female Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy. She seemed perfect, so I went ahead and purchased her. I didn't check for references and I impulsively purchased her. She too was flown into my local airport. When she arrived, I was not as blessed as I was with Bailey. The crate she was in was the size you would send a small puppy like a Bichon in. When she came out of the crate, she was the sweetest little thing, but she was severely undergrown for the age the breeder claimed she was. I took her home and went through her paperwork. She had no registration papers, as promised. She was also wearing a Rabies tag. This raised a red flag because the puppy was supposedly only 9 weeks old. A 9 week old puppy cannot yet receive the Rabies vaccine. I called in the Rabies tag and it was registered to a Poodle. The puppy appeared fine and acted normal. However, I was not comfortable breeding her without knowing 100% sure about her history. When I contacted the breeder, questioning him about the dog's age, health and registration papers, he was not very nice or helpful. Taking all of these factors into consideration, I made the decision to place her in a home locally, so I did not have to fly the puppy back to the breeder. The puppy found a home in less than a week through a Craigslist ad that was flagged down within 20 minutes of being posted. Luckily the new owner saw the ad within the 1st 20 minutes it was live on the internet and connected with me.

Now I was back to square one. I went back online and located a small family run kennel who bred Wheatens. I contacted the family and the woman was very kind. I told her what happened to me and told her I was nervous about purchasing another online puppy. She was very sympathetic to my situation. I asked her if she could fly in two Wheaten puppies and explained to her that I would select one puppy and would find a home for the other one. I promised I would find the best home for the other puppy and asked that she trust me, although she really didn't know me. She did trust me and a week later, 2 female Wheaten terrier puppies flew in. When they arrived, they were both in the same crate and perfect. I instantly knew which one I wanted and that was my sweet Chloe.

I didn't know how to go about finding a home for the other puppy, so I ran a free 30 day ad on Ebay Classifieds. The phone rang off the hook for this little Wheaten puppy. She found a home within two days. I was so relieved. I had my new puppy and I thought that was the end of selling puppies. Well it wasn't because the ad ran it's 30 day course and the phone continued to ring for this puppy that was already sold. Instead of saying, "I'm sorry, she was sold", I took the names and numbers down of the other families who called. I contacted the breeder and explained to her that I had homes for the rest of her litter and I asked her if she was willing to fly them over to me so the families could come to my home to pick them up. She agreed.

It is now 10 years later and I am responsible for placing all of her litters in homes for her. We have become such great friends and we talk like mother-daughter almost every day now. When she meets other quality breeders at the vet's office, she gives them my information and I also help them place their puppies as well. Now I have a great network of wonderful breeders who have hired me as their placing agent for their puppies.

What was seen as a curse was in fact, a blessing in disguise. Being misled and lied to by a not so reputable breeder led me to this business now known as The Family Doggie!

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